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How to Yodel


When average people hear someone’s yodeling, they wonder how these sounds can be possibly produced by a human being. However, it’s not very hard to learn this singing technique if you have good singing potential and have a basic understanding of vocal exercises.

Traditionally, yodeling is typical for folk music. However, many modern musicians show interest to this technique. For instance, Cranberries ex-frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan yodels in her songs, and that sounds really awesome. If you want to succeed as a musician by yodeling or are just looking for an alternative songs to sing in the shower, feel free to check this tutorial.


Warm up

Warming up to singing right before the actual trial is very important. First of all, it will allow you to get the best of your voice. Secondly, it prevents vocal chords issues.


Learn how to sing in different registers

Experienced musicians know that people can sing in different registers. They differ in terms of performance and the most popular registers are head and chest ones. Skilled singer can switch these two very quickly, and that’s what yodeling is all about. Basically, you need to change your chest voice with your head voice at high speed. When you sing in your chest voice, you can feel the vibration in your chest area; when you sing in head voice, the vibrations are felt in your nose and forehead areas.



Now when you know how to produce that yodeling sound, all you can do is practice as much as you can. Pick a simple tune that consists of several tunes (or a traditional “yo-dah-lay-hee-hoo”) and try to switch from your chest voice to falsetto. Start practicing with vowels, such as “o”, “a”, or “u” because they are easier to sing. Once you feel comfortable with the vowels, go ahead and skip to the consonants and even syllables.

  • Don’t “smoothen” the passages. Sharp and straight-out interchange of two techniques is exactly what makes yodel.
  • Don’t yodel if you tone deaf. Yodeling performed by someone who can’t sing sounds terrible.
  • Don’t practice too much in the beginning. Also, always warm up to singing first. You don’t want to damage your vocal chords.
  • Don’t sing when you’re ill, especially with a sore throat.




People believe that yodeling reduces stress and raise the spirits. Indeed, it sounds so unusual and funny that no one can resist. Rapidly changing your high and low registers is all you need to learn in order to become a yodeling guru. With a little bit of practice and positive attitude, you’ll become great in yodeling before you know it.

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