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How to Write for AskWiki


Being a member of our team is a great way to challenge your writing skills, share your knowledge with a large audience, and showcase your writing to a broad online community. If you want to become one of our independent authors, please read on to get familiar with our requirements.

  • Choose legit topics that are potentially interesting for our audience;
  • Mind the established structure when write your articles. A typical article consists of the introduction, do’s and don’ts parts, and conclusion. You are free to add pictures that are not copyright-protected, and also use videos from public websites or from your personal collection.
  • Use unique content only. Users suspected in plagiarism will be determined once and for all. Use only unique information that you personally own and which is your intellectual property;
  • No trolls allowed. Rude, inflammatory, off-topic, or questionable remarks that can cause disputes or hurt someone’s feelings are not allowed;
  • No prohibited content allowed, including adult content, violent content, and other illegal content.

Any accounts that inflame discord, foment violence, stir hatred, or include trolling will be deleted.

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