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How to Write an Introduction


No matter what kind of paper work you are going to write: a book report or a book review, an essay or an article, it should always start with an introduction. You introduction will either awaken the readers' interest or destroy it. Introduction is essential, if your work is considered boring, it will not get much credit - you don't want that to happen. If a reader considers your introduction dull or poorly written, then your work will be considered to be of a low quality, even if the rest of it is not bad at all.


The main purposes of introduction

  • to get readers interested;
  • to present your work; define its aims and direction of the work;
  • to display your methods and approaches to the issue;

Writing the introduction right is very important. For that you need to know how it should be designed and what exactly it should be all about. A normal introduction should be at least 200 words. 200 word introduction is appropriate for a 1,500 - 2,000 word work. There is a simple rule you should remember: the work should be written simply, so everyone can understand, even a layman. Nothing should come as a surprise for a reader, it is not a fiction book and not a novel, it is an academic work. Besides, there should always be a logic connection between each sentence.

An introduction should include

  • Background information. It should be brief - just several sentences. It should be relevant and essential. It shows that your work has a bigger value, and fits into a broader framework. This is also a way to show the significance of your essay / research.
  • Introduction should be focused on the main theme of your work;
  • Introduction should point out the issue that should be resolved or discussed;
  • The significance of the research theme (it may be uncovered when giving the background information)
  • Your opinion (but don't take it too far).

Your introduction should be like guidance to your whole paper. Always mention the main theme / issue / question that your paper concerns. Remember about logic binding. In other words, introduction should also work as an essay map. The aim and thesis of the report or any other academic work should be placed in the beginning or in the end of the introduction. As mentioned above, if your introduction is dry, no one will want to keep reading your work. Your tutor will have no choice, but it will not bring him / her in a good mood.

A few tips for colorful and interesting introduction

  • add some examples of the thing you are writing about;
  • add some interesting colorful details;
  • you can start with a quote (make sure it is a good one, and not just another dry quote from the textbook);
  • you can begin your introduction with a question (that you are going to answer).

And the most important thing you must remember what writing an academic work is grammar and spelling. Make sure you write correctly.


  • Don't put thesis / aims in the middle of introduction, it doesn't belong there. -Remember: it should be placed in the beginning or in the end of the introduction.
  • Don't be afraid to ask your tutor if you are not sure about something.
  • Don't forget that the main two features of introduction are briefness and relevance. This is what you should remember.



Read more facts, practice, learn, and your work will be perfect. Writing a quality research paper or essay will help you gain certain skills, it will be easier for you to find a job or just to present yourself to the audience. Pay attention to introduction, but don't forget that the rest of your work should be extraordinary, too.

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