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How to Write an Autobiography


Autobiography is a short description of your life that you might need to write when you are trying to get a new job, enter the college or university, win a scholarship, etc. It's very important to have a well-written autobiography because this is the first document your employers-to-be or mentors see, and that's what determines the first impression. So, how do you write it?


Start with browsing the cyberspace and looking for the samples

Obviously, you don't have to re-write someone else's life experience. All you need to borrow is the structure of the essay. Typically, any presentation of this kind consists of the introduction, the main thesis, a body that consists of several paragraphs, and the conclusion.

Analyze and narrow down the area of description

Thus, if you want to get a job in medicine, dwell upon the facts that prove you being a good candidate for this exact type of job. Basically, even if you don't have a lot of experience in this field, it's easy to pick a few stats, slice them up in a certain way and pretend to find correlation.

Start with your background

Particularly, date and place of birth, you family's background, your education, and whatever you find appropriate in the framework of an official document. You should start proving your point at this very stage by describing some events that influenced you (to become a nurse, to study science, to enter the university, etc.) or people who inspired you.


The intro must be really strong and capturing to attract your readers' attention to your application.


Body is the main part of your essay. That's the part where you dwell upon the actual facts that correlate with the aim of your writing. Describe your special activities in college or high school, previous job occupations and your personal achievements, add some facts about your hobbies and interests


The final part of the essay is the conclusion that should be the icing on the cake. In this paragraph, you summarize the information, pay special attention to the positive changes you are coming through and the potential growth you are expecting in the future, and also express the hope that this information would help the reader to make the right decision.

Avoid irrelevant information

For example, your potential employer in IT company doesn't need to know that you loved cooking cupcakes when you was a kid, but he would be glad to know that you took your first Pentium apart when you was 6, and then even almost put it back together.


  • Don't fake it! That's a mistake that many people make. If you don't find your life exciting enough to write about the real facts, fabricating them is not an option. People can tell true story from a phony fairy tale.
  • Although this type of paper is considered to be an official document, avoid dry and inexpressive language. Use transition words to introduce the new paragraph and always mind your spelling and grammar.
  • Don't be too wordy. Keep it short and laconic.



So, writing an autobiography is a challenging part of your application process, but it's necessary to convince people that you are a good candidate with exciting background, extensive experience, and big plans for the future.

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