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How to Write a Thank You Note


The thank you note is usually composed to express your gratitude for some actions or service you have received. You may address it to some company, organization or just some separate person who you want to say "Thank you!" to. The thank you letter may be composed in a rather free form. But in that case you should use the warm friendly manner of writing and stick to one and the same style. The usual business letters are characterized with the dry official style. The thank you note may be initiative or be written as an answer to some greetings, invitation or service.


Specify the event

It is necessary to mention the event which is connected with the gratitude expression in the thank you letter. The other variant is to enumerate the services of the addressee of the thank you note.

Use the special blank for writing a thank you note

It is necessary to use the special blank of your company to type the thank you letter on. It is also required to mention the contacts and the full address of your company. Another variant of filling the thank you note is to use the special postcard. It is also necessary to put your signature in the end. In some of the cases the seal of your company is also required.

Tribute letters

The thank you letters may also play the role of the tribute. In this case they have the same functions as the diploma does. They don't have the function of exchanging the information in this case.

Pay attention to the details

  • Take the task of creating the thank you letter seriously. Choose the postcard or the special blank for the thank you notes in the stationery store. Pay attention to its execution, color, the way of the text is printed on it. Use the blank of your company if you need to write the official thank you note.
  • Buy the matching frame to insert the blank in. In that way the addressee will have the opportunity to hang your thank you letter on the wall or put in on his working table.

Mention the details

Mention the matter of your gratitude, the detailed description of the addressee's actions which have caused the deep emotional feeling and mention that you appreciate the service. The text shouldn't be very long. The main thing is being sincere. That's why try to avoid the wide-spread cliches. It is recommended to use the description devoted to some special occasion. Use such expressions as "We express gratitude" or "We convey our thanks".

Finish the letter of thanks with mentioning the position, name, surname of the boss. Make sure there is his signature on the document. In that case you don't need the seal.


  • Don't forget to say some warm words of gratitude when you will be giving the letter to the addressee. It is better to give such letters in the solemn atmosphere.
  • Don't use the inappropriate style or language.
  • Don't use the plain paper. Use the postcards or the special blanks.
  • Avoid starting your letter with the words of gratitude. It is necessary to start it with the name of the addressee.
  • Don't use the banal cliches. It is better to write some original phrases.
  • Don't send the notes of thank you via e-mail if there is the possibility to write them by hand.



It is recommended to write the thank you letter by hand to underline that your feelings are totally sincere. Start the thank you letter with addressing your good doer. That will serve as the prove of your respect. The official thank you letter may contain the page header with the name and the contacts of the addressee.

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