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How to Write a Story


The torments of creation are familiar to any beginning writer. Some people are able to produce the bright ideas in astonishing amounts but none of the last would find itself printed on the paper. In some other cases at first the writer may suppose that his story meets all the demands and standards of the genre but he gets disappointed in it after he rereads his story. Some people find the night to be the best time for creating their stories, the other ones supposes that there is nothing better that the early sunny morning for writing a story. But the main thing that unites the writers is inspiration. Without inspiration all the stories appear to be boring.




So the first advice for those who aim to create a story is to get inspired. You may find inspiration everywhere. Take a long walk in the outskirts, meet the interesting people, attend the art exhibitions and watch the people walking past you in the streets. You may get inspired by the most plain event in your life. Try to find something interesting about the people who sit next to you in the underground, stay in a queue in front of you or read a newspaper at the table next to you while you are drinking coffee in a local cafe.


Main Idea

After you get inspired think of the theme and idea of your story. There is the easy way to differ between the theme and idea of the story. Theme is a wide sphere of life that you story may be devoted to. You may choose love, friendship, death, spirituality or disease for example. The idea of your story should be expressed in a sentence starting with "How". For example you have chosen friendship. So the idea of your story may sound as "How important it is to have a reliable friend" or "How often do the friends betray each other".


Make a Plan

Each story should consist of a setting, plot development, culmination and payoff. Think of each pat and make the brief plan.



Describe the characters separately. Think of any remarkable features that will make them unique and outstanding.


Develop the Volume of Plan

Start writing the story according to the plan. Develop the events and add details. Some people start writing the story with the culmination and only after that arrange all the parts in the necessary order. You may start with any part you wish.



After all the parts are ready arrange them properly. You may try various variants of arrangement to find the best one.


Mistakes and Other Corrections

Look through the text to find some spelling or stylistic mistakes. Check the punctuation marks.


Time Test

Leave you story for some time. Switch to another activity. After that read your story carefully once more. That will help you to notice the possible logical mistakes.


Don't start writing without a plan

In that way you will get a mess instead of the well-organized narration.

Don't stop until you enjoy the story

Don't give up writing if you are not satisfied with the result of your work. Modify and improve the text.

Don't copy the well-known plots

That easily can be seen. You may imitate the style of some notorious author only to practice your own style. Remember that your story should be unique.

Avoid using the banal cliches

They will instantly turn your story into the garbage. That cheap metaphors and epithets as "the flame of love" or "waterfall of tears" suit only the gutter pocket books.



Now you have the approximate idea about the way how people create stories. You may follow these recommendations and make your own one. These tips may also be helpful for students who have to write stories as the part of their training. Writing a story is a good and useful entertainment for the whole family. Try to create a story together with your children.

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