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How to Write a Novel


Do you have a wish to write a novel but can't decide what to start with? That happens pretty often. But there is some good news for you. In fact it is not that difficult to write a novel. What is much more complicated is to write a good novel. If it was easy to create the good books everyone would probably create a couple of bestsellers. The quality books are not created spontaneously. Any interesting and really valuable literature work is the result or the careful organization and a great effort. You may plan the plot before or after you have written the first version of your novel.

If you feel the incredible flash of inspiration and the words literally drop from your pen one by one you may follow it and correct some logical mistakes later. It is possible to change the chapters with another ones to make the narration perfect. If you aim to plan the plot of your novel beforehand you may use the method which is called "the show flake". It contains of several steps. If you follow these tips you will get a basis of your novel. All you will have to do is to add some remarkable details to make it more captivating.



One sentence

The first step is probably the most important one. Spend a couple of days to fit your novel in one sentence. That will be the idea and the small annotation to your novel. For example the phrase "The evil physicist travels to the past to kill Apostle Paul" is a good one. Such sentence should sound catchy and unusual. If you are going to offer your novel to the publishing houses this sentence will serve as a hook phrase.



Think of your characters' personalities and life stories. Characters are the most important part of any novel. Make something like a docket for each character. Don't forget to mention his role in the story described.



Now you may start creating a story. If you have a complete picture of your novel describe it briefly. Make something resembling a well-structured and detailed plant of your novel. That will be the synopsis of your novel that you may send to the publishing houses as well.


Small stories

Create some short stories which would unite all the characters. You may spend some days on that. These small story outlines should tell the whole novel from the point of view of your characters.



The editors like the stories that are based upon the individual personal qualities of the people described in the novels.


Each story for each character

Now each character has his or her own story. Insert every minor synopsis onto the detailed outline of the whole novel. At this stage you may find some discrepancies. Correct the mistakes and continue developing the plot.


Bring it to perfection

If have carried out all the previous steps you have probably got a basic version of your novel. Now you may correct the language and logical mistakes and make your novel a perfect ones searching for the right phrases and expressions. It may be useful to give the novel to the person who has some experience in literature. It is possible to miss the mistakes if you work with one and the same for a long time.


Don't neglect the first step

Even if it sounds silly try to remember yourself at school. Each time you were to write an essay or compose a poem you had to choose the interesting idea for your writing. If you don't imagine the definite idea of your novel you may get tangled later while arranging the stories o your characters.

Don't give your novel to the large amount of the people

They might steal your ideas.

Don't give it up if you can't cope with something

Try another variant of the plot development.



Take into consideration that it is always worthy to search for a publisher who will like your novel. Who knows perhaps you are holding the future bestseller in your hands.

A good idea is to ask the person you trust to appreciate your writing. Accept the adequate criticism with dignity. It is useless to upload your creation on the Internet. You will get nothing except the negative emotions. Ask for the advice of the people whose opinion is valuable to you. Keep in mind that you always have the higher level to be reached.

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