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How to Write a Love Letter


Love letter is a very intimate thing, and writing it is harder than it seems. In this article we offer you a couple of tips on how to write a love letter for your beloved woman or man. There are only two main rules: 1) make it as personal as possible and 2) avoid sounding tacky. Your beloved has seen a lot of movies and read a lot of poems, it may be hard to surprise them. At any stage of relations receiving a love letter will be very sweet so why not making this nice gesture for your significant other.


Love Letter For Her

  • First off, write a short introduction that will define the main objective of this letter – showing your feelings – and allow her to understand what it is all about right off the bat. It should be something touching but not too pompous and sassy, something like “I was thinking of how much I love you and decided to write a letter”.
  • Go back to memories. If you are not a professional writer and outstanding metaphors don’t cross your mind that easily, you can use a little trick and relate to your common romantic memories. The history of your couple is absolutely unique and recollecting those sweet memories will touch her heart better than a diamond ring. You can go back to the day you’ve met, your first date, something funny and romantic that has happened to you, or any other event that you both hold dear.
  • Skip to the present day. As a good storyteller, you use your memories as a bridge to your today’s love story. You can use a phrase like “It’s been a year but nothing has changed after all this time – I still adore you” or something like that.
  • Complement her. You can make a list of things that you love about her, both in terms of appearance and character. Note that you shouldn’t actually design it as a list – it should be a piece of text, the bigger the better. You can describe her funny little habits and any things that make her so special for you.
  • Tell her how she changed you. Women love the idea that their presence in man’s life changes it beyond recognition, and actually that’s true. Write about the way you were back in the days when she wasn’t around and how much better you feel now.
  • Complete the letter. Write about how much you love her once again and finish your letter with some powerful saying like “I want to grow old and die with you” or “I will always love you” or anything of that kind that holds a special meaning to you and seems to be appropriate for your type of relationships.

Love Letter For Him

  • Men love compliments more than you think, which is why you can feel free to make them. Basically, you can borrow the same structure that is described above, but since you are a woman, you can afford more passion, tenderness, sincerity and emotions.
  • A man is a defender, so tell him how much you appreciate his support, how safe you feel when you are with him, and how calm you feel in his arms.
  • Pay special attention to the fact that he is the only one for you. Jealousy is a disease that attacks both males and females, and letting your man know that your heart belongs to him and no one else will doubtlessly make him feel good.
  • If you ever had a fight and you said or did something you didn't apologize for, do it now. He will respect you for that, it will make misunderstanding go away: "I am lucky to have you in my life, and I am sorry I cry and scream at times, I know my jealousy may drive you crazy. It's just that you are so amazing, so wonderfully sweet, so kind, and gentle that sometimes it is hard to believe someone is not going to steal you away".
  • Add girly stuff. You can choose fancy paper and envelope, scent the paper, draw cute little hearts or pictures, etc. Even the manliest of men will be touched by such a representation.


  • To write a love letter you should use a plain piece of paper, it shouldn't be big (remember, love notes in movies are always written on small pieces of paper), the text you write shouldn't be too long. Don't type a letter on your computer - it is very impersonal.
  • Note that the level of sincerity that you can afford depends on different factors, including the duration of your relationship. It wouldn’t be a good idea to write phrases like “I can die for you” if you are only seeing each other for two weeks.
  • Avoid clichés and too polished style of writing. Your sweetheart should recognize the real you in this letter.
  • Don’t write the clean copy right off the bat. You don’t want any correction and mess in your later, so sketch the letter on a separate piece of paper first.



Both a man and a woman can finish their love letter with a love quote of a famous person. All the wonderful things are already said by someone, and it is absolutely ok to use someone else's quote as long as you don't claim that it is yours. However as any other personal thing, love letter should only be important for 2 people and who cares about the rules or anything else in this case.

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