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How to Write a Complaint Letter


Let us consider how to write a complaint letter wisely so that it would be maximum effective. In general any complaints really possess the magic power and are used to manipulate people. As in any other business there are some secrets, peculiarities and nuances in writing the complaint letters. Many people may suppose that to write a complaint letter is similar to taking the last measures while it isn't so. Any complaint is just the way to get the desired thing. In other words that is the mean to achieve the goal. Before you actually start writing a complaint letter you should remember the fact that any action has its consequences and the complaints can't be anonymous in the most cases. If you are sure that the complaint letter will bring the required result you may right it, if not it is better to consider some other variants.


Choose the style

Now let us proceed with practice. Remember that the style of the complaint letter will define its effect. The illiterate complaint letter may play the mischief with you. All the complaint letters are usually written in the official style which is characterized by some peculiarities. Browse the Internet to find more information about the official style.

Restrain from expressing personal attitude

If you are intending to write a complaint letter remember the most important rule: there should be no personal emotions in your text. You should create the meagre text. More than the half of the people who write the complaint letters add all their negative feelings to the text. The emotions are not only unnecessary but they may even do harm.

More facts

The more facts you will provide in your letter the more effective it will be. The whole pile of words bout nothing will only irritate the people who are to sit during the whole day and read the complaint letters. When you will write a complaint letter remember that it will be read by the person who isn't aware of the whole situation. That's why it is necessary to be objective.

Optimal volume

The more text you will write the less is the chance that your complaint letter will be read. In the best case the large letter will be just looked at. That's why you need to explain the situation in brief. At the same time the short complaint without the provided reason will also bring little effect. Try to stick to the average size of the letter.

Provide requirements

In any complaint letters there should be the definite requirements described. Even if you are complaining about the ill manners of the shop assistant you need to ask the manager or the boss to take all the necessary measure to prevent such unpleasant situations in the future.

Encourage the others to support you

It is better to write the collective letter of complaint if possible. In that case you will have more chances to draw the attention to the problem. Collect the signatures of the people who agree with you.


  • Don't forget to check the spelling and the punctuation. The illiterate letter will play the mischief with you or won't be considered.
  • Don't use any slang words or harsh language. Be polite even if you are offended.
  • Don't write the letter in hand if possible. It is easier to read the printed letter.



If your rights are violated the best way to solve the problem is to write a complaint letter. If you still have some questions you may browse for some examples of the complaint letters. Sometimes the threat to write a complaint letter has the better effect than the actual fact of writing it. In the companies where the complaint book is being read regularly the members of the staff do their best to avoid some notes in it. That's why a complaint is the universal mean of manipulating people even in the case it isn't written yet.

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