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How to Write a Book Review


If you have just read an interesting book there is no wonder that you have a wish to share your opinion with the other people. There is no need to worry as you are not the professional literature analyst and your review won't be criticized by the high-skilled philologist and writers. In any case you have the full right no only to have your own point of view but also to publish it. But its presentation should be literate by all means.

Here are some tips that will help you to create a good book review. These tips are just the basis, if you wish to add something more - do so. Any review should be personal and express a real opinion.



Main goal

First of all you have to decide for yourself quite definitely what do you want to say to your potential readers. It is recommended to decide it before you actually start writing and of course before you publish it. It is a common phenomenon when the amateur average literature fans create their reviews, publish them and only after that start realizing that in fact they wanted to say the completely different things.



A good title is almost the half of your review. Don't spare time choosing the catchy original phrase that will draw the attention of the potential readers.


Introduction and conclusion

The most important parts of any text are the beginning and the final part. Of course that doesn't man that the middle text body may be neglected completely and be a total mess. But it is not and occasion that the beginning and the end of the text are called the strong positions. They are usually memorized by the readers better than the middle of the text. That's why you should create these parts especially carefully.


Provide some argumentation

You may state whatever you want. After all every person has his or her own view on this or that book. You may claim William Shakespeare to be a post-modernist and "The Picture of Dorian Gray" to be a science fiction but provide the reason why do you think so.


Share your impressions

Though generally the personal emotions and impressions don't need any explanation but they still must be explained if they are mentioned in your review. Your personal experience is valuable by all means but it becomes more valuable if the reader understands why did you get this experience.


Compare and associate

Mention other literary works, draw the wide historical, cultural and social context. But don't fall into exaggerations.


Make it catchy

Make your review a refined and a witty one. It is difficult to give any advice concerning that matter as the notion of "refined" is purely individual. Everything depends upon your sense of humor, sense of beautiful, writing skills and talent after all.


Read it after you write it

After you have finished your review try to read it for several times aloud. In that way you may find the discrepancies that have been missed by your eyes.


  • Don't print the review into the appropriate field on the website and click the "publish" button at once. Use paper or Word. That will allow you to think the whole composition over and create a really valuable thing without any hustle.
  • Don't render the summary of the book. Those who have read the book already know it and those who haven't read it yet won't be happy to see it probably.
  • Don't repeat the facts that were mentioned in the reviews of the other authors. Be original!
  • Don't make the categorical statements.
  • Don't mention the irrelevant information.
  • If you are not the master of improvisation don't rush to create a review as soon as you feel the desire to create something.



The main thing is not to neglect the smallest details as your review may serve as the factor that will influence the choice of the other people.After you have written the whole review it is better to reread it some time later. The good analysis shouldn't reveal the main intrigue of the book but it should tease the imagination of the reader. The bad review may spoil the anticipation of some interesting reading.

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