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How to Write a Blog


Writing a blog. What to start with? Of course the best way to start your blog is to begin writing the good posts. And the start of any new post is the successful and witty headline that will catch the attention of the blog visitors. To make up a catchy and interesting headline is already the half of the interesting post. Follow these tips to make your blog really popular.


Choose the catchy headlines

Sometimes the good headlines even promise more than the content of the article reveals. Take the yellow press for instance. The tabloids are rich in the shocking headlines like "We have lost these and those" when it is clear that some pop singers have just finished their media career. However the main difference between a blog and a tabloid is the fact that you are 100 % responsible for what you have claimed in your headline. If your article is called "How to choose the handy for no more than $ 100" you will have to reveal the theme fully. You will have to answer this question in your article. There is one more detail here. If you are writing an article for your blog it is not recommended to choose the contradictory headlines which will cause the hesitation of the visitor. If your blog is a commercial one you shouldn't choose the headlines like "is it worthy to buy this and that?" or "Maybe, it is...". Such titles will only scare the prospective customers off.

Organize the post body

Some unexperienced authors rush to release their flow of information and opinions. That makes their blog a complete mess. Write no more than 3 sentences in each paragraph. Your article should remind a very detailed plan. The most part of the blog readers don't read their favorite authors carefully. That's why it is that important to appeal to the emotions of the reader. If you manage to catch the reader's emotions he will stop and look your article through. Your aim may be to interest your readers with your thoughts, your personality, to sell some goods or services.

One post=one idea

Remember that one post should express one idea. If you try to cover several ideas in one post it will leave the vague impression. If you wish to say a lot it is better to create the series of posts. However the main factor is the ability of the author to put his ideas into words. You don't need to explain the specific terms if you use any. It will be enough to provide some link to any resource like Wikipedia.

Use illustrative materials

Use the graphics and videos in your post. The people like watching videos an pictures. It is not an occasion when the people say: "One image is worth a thousand words". The image in the beginning of the article will attract the attention of the readers. You may add some diagram to your post if you analyze something. Add the photo of the product or the happy clients if you sale something. Your personal photos may also be quite emotional and captivating.

Use lists and marked text

In the case you try to create an instruction or describe some method use the lists and markers. That will ease the process of reading. Your readers will understand your instructions better if each step will be separated by a number of a marker.


  • Don't write the dull text without any separated passages, lists or illustrations. -Divide your text into some sections.
  • Don't use the annoying design. Choose the calm and pleasant colors that match.
  • Don't describe something abstract. The people like facts. Even if you are writing about love, friendship or unexplainable sorrow try to provide the reasons, hidden motives, factors and precise descriptions.



You may analyze the blogs you enjoy reading. Try to learn and develop your writing skills. The interesting and frequently visited blog may become a good source of income. Try to pay attention to the style and peculiarities of popular blogs that famous bloggers have.

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