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How to Write a Bio


What is a bio? Bio (contracted from "biography") is the text which describes the main life events of some person.

One may see a bio on a book cover, in a newspaper or even a pack with some product. Sometimes PR managers create fake bios to increase the sales. That is because it is always preferable to buy some product that was made by some person. That isn't a very difficult task to write a bio, but you need some literary skills. The text should read easily and be coherent and pleasant to read. As it is a bio it should be a description mostly without too much of poetry or it shouldn't bee to complicated or sophisticated. So if you want to learn how to right a bio in a proper way - read on.


Define your final aim

To create a bio you need to set precise and definite goals at first. Ask yourself some questions. What do you need to create a bio for? Where it will be published? Will you describe your own life or life of someone else? The answers to these questions will allow you to imagine approximate structure and form and length of the prospective text. You may need to tell more about the business of the person under consideration, his or her achievements, some special events and probably some personal characteristics. The size of bio you will create also depends upon the publishing requirements. If you need to write a bio of some person for a magazine page spread you should produce a larger text. In case your bio will be published on a book cover it should be rather compact and contain only most significant and relevant information.

Collect the necessary information

As soon as you have defined the aim of the text and its volume you need to start gathering all the information that could turn out to be useful for you. If you are going to write a bio of some historical or political figure you may search for the necessary data in the newspapers, archives or libraries. In case you find some friends or relatives of the target person you are lucky. Interview them to get the necessary data.

Arrange the gathered information

If you are going to write a bio of someone you can meet with and talk to you may just ask this person to provide all the appropriate information. Moreover in that case you will be able to make it clear which events are not desired to be described publicly. After you have collected enough information you will need to bring it in some system. Otherwise you may describe the events in wrong order.

Write a bio

When you have gathered and arranged all the information you need to proceed with producing a text. You are recommended to avoid the phrases that will turn your bio into a fairytale or poem. Think a little bit and just create some neutral story describing the succession of life events. After that add some details to personalize the central character. That may be mentioning his or her hobby or favorite book.


  • Don't use any tale phrases like "once upon a time", be precise as much as it is possible.
  • Don't change the logical sequence of events.
  • Don't show your personal attitude.



The main thing about creating a bio is to sound rather neutral. Even if you add some personalizing details you should sound calm about that. The professional bio writer never provides the personal evaluation of the facts. You are just a story teller and the bio should also be written in rather an official way. It should remind more of a chronology of events than a fairy tale.

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