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How to Write Poetry


Writing poetry is harder than it seems. Sometimes many words come to your mind and you have to choose one that is the best for the rhyme. You should have a talent, and not just that. You should know the language perfectly well. Even if you write in your native language, it can be rather challenging. At some point you may realize that you don't know your own language as good as you thought. Here are some useful tips on how to write poetry.


Read literature

Read books. And not just any books, read classics. Not just poetry - anything. See how the most famous writers and poets operated the words. This will help you find your own style. Read poetry written by others, and pick your favorite writers and poets. Pay attention to how they write; explore their work, explore everything: how do the words rhyme? How long are the lines? Are those distiches or quatrains? What do you like most? What time period is this verse from?

Learn your language

Of course you know your language very well, no one is questioning that. But sometimes a rule or two can slip your memory. Besides, when reading simple rules you can get an idea or make a rhyme, in other words - it can inspire you. You may remember speech patterns you have forgotten and use them in your work.

Read books on stylistics

Differentiating styles and keeping to the chosen style is very important, you need to know what words belong together, what words just shouldn't be used in one rhyme, and what words and styles can be combined in order to make your work more expressive. Besides, if you learn more about expressive means and how to use them, it'll help you a lot.


Connect with nature, with other people, art, music, and look for inspiration everywhere. The greatest poets were inspired by nature: spring flowers, bright fall leaves, view of the sea. Sometimes it's nice to just stop and look around.

Try to write

Try to rhyme and find your style. See how you like the words to rhyme: do you like every line to rhyme, or every other line? If you have enough time, learn more about how these different types of rhymes are called, and etc.Your style is going to change as you explore the power of words, the more you read and see - the better you'll get.


Don't let others harsh your inspiration

Don't listen to people who say you need to know all the names. Don't listen to people who say you must know everything about types of rhymes, knowing it doesn't make you a poet - understanding the beauty of a word and a talent of putting the words together for them to revel in beauty and harmony - is what makes you a poet.

Don't listen to those to don't know what they are talking about

Don't listen to destructive criticism.You need to listen to constructive criticism, but don't let anyone make you do what you don't want to do - it's your art, your style and your choice.



There is no universal answer to "how to write poetry". No one can answer this question, but there are things you can do in order to get inspiration, to learn more about your language, a world and yourself. Write whenever you feel cheerful or sad and have fun with it.

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