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How to Wear a Sari


Sari is a clothes worn by Indian women, it is wrapped around the body in various styles and here we will describe a couple of them. Women dressed in sari look very charming and mysterious; besides, wrapping sari around your body is easy and fun, all it takes is imagination. Here we offer you two ways to wear your sari: the easy way and the Dollywood style, although both methods are pretty simple.



The easiest way

Take a sari and start tucking its long end into your skirt wrapping it around your body as you do so. Wrap it around yourself once and when fabric meets itself, stop. Straighten out the rest of the cloth and start folding its short edge as if it were a hand fan. Then take that end and throw it over the opposite shoulder. Find the farthest edge of the fabric that hangs down your back and start tucking it into your skirt returning it to the front. Once you reach the spot thatís been covered by sari after you threw it over your shoulder, stop. Take the edge that you were tucking into the skirt and start folding it as if it were a hand fan (to get a pretty skirt with nice folds). When you run out of fabric, just tuck the folded end into your skirt. Now you can straighten out the part of sari that covers your blouse, let it drop and cover the opposite arm.


The Dollywood way

For this method you may need a few pins and your special festive sari. The first step is always wrapping sari around your body and tucking it into your skirt. Then fold the other end of the cloth so it is narrow enough to fit on your shoulder. In this case it should be the same shoulder: cloth shouldnít cross your torso. Before you throw it over the shoulder, you may want to make a circle around your body if your sari is too long. Take the bottom layer of the cloth that hangs down your chest, drive it back and wrap around your body so fabric meets itself. Tuck the end into your skirt (make a few folds if it is too long). Use pins if necessary.


  • Donít use just any pins when you wrap sari: they have to be pretty and safe Ė you donít want to hurt yourself.
  • Donít be upset if in the end you realize you have too much fabric left, unwrap it and make an extra circle around your body before you complete wrapping.
  • Donít make large folds, they have to be about 4íí.
  • Before you start wrapping, make sure your blouse looks nice with your sari, although they donít have to be of the same color.



Women wearing long dresses and saris look very charming. This kind of clothes help them embrace their womanhood. Saris can be worn every day or only on joyous occasions, the choice is yours. There are many ways to wrap a sari, we described only two of them so invent your own ways of wearing sari basing on our ones or simply follow our instructions for the most basic sari wearing.

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