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How to Wear a Maxi Skirt


During this summer maxi pleated skirt has become the must have item of the season. Such skirts may be seen both on the catwalk and in the fashion collections of the acknowledged fashion guru and in the mass market wear stores such as Zara or H&M. It is quite clear why women have appreciated that piece of their look. The matter is that the maxi skirt look very feminine, is quite comfortable to wear and may turn any look into a trendy and funky one. The Italian stylists and fashion designers were the first ones to pay attention to that fashion item. They share their secrets with you. They will tell you about the main mistakes that the most part of the women makes wearing the maxi skirt and the secrets about the successful combining of this fashion item with the other clothes and accessories.


Choose the right maxi skirt for your body type

Who will look great in the maxi skirt? First of all the tall girls and women will look smart wearing the long skirts. The smaller women would look smarter if they wear the midi or mini skirts. Moreover the maxi dress will hide the legs that are far from what is being called the "perfect French legs". If you are full-figured avoid the maxi skirts with the large patterns or of the light colors. The thin and average girls may wear the pleated skirts as the last won't make their body shape look bigger. If you have the so-called masculine type of body shape (wide shoulders and narrow hips) the pleated skirt will help you to find the necessary balance between the upper and the lower parts of your body.

Which items of your outfit will make the great combination with the maxi skirt? There are some classic rules of combining the clothes with the maxi skirt.

Color block

If your maxi skirt is of the bright colors or patterned it is better to choose the plain mono-colored shop. If the maxi skirt is plain and mono-colored you may choose the bright top and the unusual fancy shoes.

If your maxi skirt is loose it is better to choose the slim fitted top and vice versa for the slim fitted long skirt you my choose the loose shirt or tee.


Today the maxi skirt is better to wear during the daytime. In the evening on the opposite it is better to wear the average length cocktail dress.

Usually it is better to wear the maxi skirt with the short knitted cardigan, short leather or jeans jacket. You may also try to wear the short official jacket but poll the sleeves up to neutralize the office style. During the daytime it is recommended to wear the maxi skirt with the flat shoes like ballerinas or sandals. In the evening you may make your outfit brighter with the high heeled shoes or the high-heeled platform sole peep toe shoes. However some it-girls easily violate these rules and still look trendy. If you see that the combination looks good you may try it. In the case you see that something isn't still OK don't take the risk.

The ultimate looks

The easiest way to combine the maxi skirt is to wear the plain white cotton tee with the belt on the waist or dressed into the skirt.

The funky variant is to wear the maxi skirt with the Converse sneakers which look shabby. You may also try some short boots or gladiator sandals


  • Don't wear the maxi skirt with the long cardigans, jackets or long tee. You will look like you are wearing pajama.
  • Don't wear high heeled shoes with the maxi skirt during the daytime. That will look tacky.
  • Don't wear plaited maxi shirt if you are pear-shaped. That will add the non-desirable volume to your hips.



After all you may try the perfect taste look. Wear the long pleated skirt with the smart blouse, large oval brooch on the collar and ballerinas. A good idea is to combine this this outfit with crazy rockabilly hairstyle.

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