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How to Wear Skinny Jeans


Tight clothes are reasonably associated with female sexuality, and that's the case why any girl has a pair of skinny jeans in her wardrobe. Indeed, this is a universal attribute and an integral part of any stylish look. The good thing about skinny jeans is the fact that you can combine them with literally any tanks or shoes and vary your look depending on the situation: from really casual to remarkably gorgeous. However, these are some rules and tips when it comes to this type of jeans that you need to know to get the best of this element of your wardrobe and make it as flattering as possible.



Choose the right model

Some people mistakenly consider skinny jeans as an element for skinny girls only, but that's not true. It's great if you have a pair of perfectly long and straight legs, but you can wear them even if your legs are far from perfect. Choosing the right model and combining it with the right top and shoes will do the trick.



If you are really skinny, you actually have no restrictions. Feel free to wear your jeans with tight tanks to emphasize your waistline or opt for loose tanks made of light fabrics. If you are not so perfectly skinny, try to avoid tight tops. This is the mistake many girls make these days. The point is skinny jeans are really tight from top to the bottom, and wearing them with close-fitting jersey will create that ugly muffin top effect.




As for footwear, skinny jeans are a perfect match for heels. This is the savior for skinny but short girls. In tandem, your jeans will make you look more feminine, and high heels add a couple of inches to your height. Nonetheless, stilettos combined with skinny jeans create a really slim bottom and can make your top look visually bigger. It's a good idea to wear tops or mini dresses that reach your hips.


Ballet flats and skimmers are perfect for tall girls with narrow hips. Flats with pointy toes are not the best choice though because they make your feet look bigger and longer and attract too much attention to that area.

Boots work great as well. Opt for tall and wide boots to create the balance between really tight jeans and your footwear.


And finally, your skinny jeans can make a cool old school tandem with sneakers. Again, avoid too weighty sneakers and opt for trim low tops.

Choosing your perfect pair of skinny jeans, mind the length. Ideally, they should reach your ankle or get a little bit further, but don't let them "gather up" on your ankles too much, especially if you wear them with flat shoes.

If you wear bulky footwear, make sure you created enough volume on top. Always strive for harmony in your look.


  • Don't wear skinny jeans with flat shoes if your legs are too short. It will make them even shorter.
  • Avoid wearing fitted denim with bulky sneakers or boots.
  • Don't combine jeans with puffy sneakers.
  • Don't wear skinny jeans with boots that are too bulky and short at the same time.



Any girl of fashion should have a pair of skinny jeans in her closet. This is actually a little black dress of 2000s, so if you still don't have that nice type of denim, you should go shopping right now! Just find our perfect size and feel free to experiment with the colors!

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