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How to Wear Scarves


The right choice of the accessories is the main condition of developing the successful outfit. Accessories may add to your look and improve it greatly. However it is also possible to spoil the whole look by the wrong bag or scarf. It is a well-known fact that building a nice and complete look depends mostly of the accessories. That is why fashion stylist pay great attention to work with accessories.

It is necessary to make all the necessary accents. In that way one any present his or her appearance in the best way. Another important thing is to a choose the accessories that suit your image and style. Let us consider the ways of wearing such popular accessory as scarf.



The ones who prefer casual style in clothes have probably the most wide choice of scarves to wear. The colors of casual style are calm and sophisticated. They are khaki, dark purple, beige, black or mustard. What unites them is the "dusty" shade. That provides you the unlimited possibility to carry out some style experiments. The neutral shades of the main colors may allow you to wear either bright or pale scarves. You may try to use the scarves of pure bright colors to accentuate your skin color or on the opposite put on some dark or neutral one to balance the look and unite the rest details. Casual style presupposes comfort and ease of wearing scarves. You may wrap yourself in your scarf and feel warm and protected. Try to use infinity scarf. Such scarves may be wrapped in any kind of way around your back, neck, shoulders and head. Cover your head with one loop of your circle scarf instead of wearing a cap.


Ethnic style presupposes using a lot of accessories made of natural materials such as bone, wood, glass or stone. In that way silk, cashmere, cotton or linen scarf will suit this style perfectly. If you prefer Eastern style you may try to wrap your silk scarf as a turban. Here is the guide on how to make a turban.

  • Fold your scarf in two and sling it against the back of your neck.
  • Bend forwards. Join the free ends right against your forehead.
  • Twist the free ends.
  • Draw the twisted end beck and kilt it behind.


The official style also allows wearing some accessories. More and more companies which develop the uniforms introduce some decorative elements as scarves, head bands or brooches with the brans name. If you wish to make your office costume not so dull try to add some accessories. Choose the scarf of some neutral colors. It is better to wrap it around your neck and make a tie knot. In that way you will look neat.


  • Remember that a scarf shouldn't lay on your neck in some sophisticated and deliberate way. The worst way to wear a scarf is to wear it like you have spend hours in front of the mirror making that incredible knot. The only exception is official style.
  • Don't wear thick woolen scarves as turbans. To make a turban choose silk or finest cashmere ones.
  • Don't overload your image. If you are wearing a scarf the other accessories should be located rather far from your neck. Wear bracelets. Refuse from wearing dandling earrings. Choose plain studs.



Besides all that wearing a scarf is the perfect variant to cover some inappropriate clothes. Imagine some emergency situation when you happen to wear a party tee right under your official jacket. A smart scarf will solve the problem by covering the frivolous print.

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