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How to Wear Leg Warmers


There are four main reasons why leg warmers are so popular these days: they are comfortable; they keep you nice and warm; they go with a lot of stuff, no matter if it's a casual or official outfit; they also look pretty great and stylish. Here we will help you figure out how to wear leg warmers, there are a few things you need to take into account: your figure, shoes and other clothes. keep reading to learn more.


Leg warmers and your shapes

If you are willing to get leg warmers you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How will they affect my forms?
  • Will they make me / my legs look bigger?
  • Will they make me look shorter?

If you are tall, gather leg warmers instead of straightening them out (to create volume). If you are short, don't ever do that - it will make you look shorter than you really are. Choose long leg warmers, straighten them out every time you put them on - to make your legs look longer. Horizontal straps will make your legs look wider, vertical ones - thinner.

Pay attention to details. If you find your legs unattractive (don't like their shape), choose bright colors, they will help to divert attention from the shape of your legs (if that's what you want). If you believe your legs are too skinny, choose chunky knit leg warmers.

Leg warmers and shoes

You can wear leg warmers with any shoes, you just have to remember few simple rules. If you wear medium height boots, leg warmers should rise 4 - 6 inches above them. Leg warmers can be worn with high heeled shoes. In this case your heels should be covered (about 1/3). It looks elegant and charming.

You can wear them with sneakers, ballet slippers, or any other footwear. When you buy leg warmers, always try them on with shoes you are going to wear them with: you should know exactly how it's going to look before you get them.

Leg warmers and clothes

As mentioned above, leg warmers go with everything: shorts, dresses, jeans and etc. All you need - to choose the color. Knit leg warmers are mostly worn with knit stuff: knit dresses or sweaters. You can choose any print or color. If you pick a scarf, mittens or a hat of the same color & print, it will look pretty cute. It's ok if they are of different colors, the main thing is knowing how to combine these colors. There is one rule when it comes to skirts and dresses: the shorter the skirt - the longer the leg warmers; the longer the skirt - the shorter the leg warmers. Feel free to wear leg warmers in summer - they will look nice with summer shoes and skirts.


  • Don't wear the leg warmers with loose pants (like in the picture).
  • Try to avoid wearing strappy leg warmers, not everyone can pull them off (depending on shape and length of your legs).
  • Don't buy leg warmers before you think through your outfit. No matter how pretty they are, if you don't have anything that goes with them, just don't buy them.
  • Don't ever buy leg warmers (or any other items) without trying them on.



Leg warmers look very charming, there are a lot of ways to wear them: there is a plenty of videos on how to wear leg warmers with sneakers, heels, skirts or jeans. The video below is about basic principles of wearing leg warmers. Think your outfit through and enjoy your new style!

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