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How to Watch Netflix on Tv


Netflix is one of the most popular websites to watch TV shows and movies online. The best thing about Netflix is that this media portal provides videos in excellent quality and at a very reasonable price. So you are not breaking any laws, everything is legal but still you have an opportunity to watch any episode of any season you want. Watching movies online is any more convenient than buying them on DVD, since you need to wait until the whole season ends up and even longer for DVD to be released.

As an alternative, you can purchase a movie or an episode of a TV show from online stores like iTunes but the price is way higher than the price of monthly subscription fee of Netflix. So if you are a fan of TV shows and movies - Netflix is just right for you.

Since Netflix is a website, you can only watch it using devices that support Internet connection and navigation. But the best way to enjoy movies and TV series is to watch them on TV. However it is perfectly possible to watch Netflix on TV, you should only know how to do that.


There are actually several ways of how you can enjoy Netflix on your TV.


Xbox, Wii, PlayStation 3 or other video game consoles

Today video game consoles that can be connected to the Internet can become one of the easiest ways to watch Netflix on TV. They are already connected to TV so you don't need any extra cords to do that. Depending on your device, you can either download and install Netflix app onto your device through its menu or you can order a disk containing such a software.

NOTE: HD videos are not supported by video game consoles, if you wan to enjoy videos in HD go to the next way to watch Netflix on TV.


Players and HDTV sets (and even TVs) that support Internet connection

Another method that doesn't require you to have extra cords or manipulations with your TV. Just connect one of these devices to the Internet and sign in to your Netflix account.


Connecting a laptop or computer to TV

You can open Netflix on your computer or laptop, you only need to use your TV instead of computer or laptop monitor. To do that, use and HDMI cord to connect TV to laptop or computer.


STB (Set Top Box Media Players)

Streaming players can also help you out with such a problem, just connect it to your TV and enjoy Netflix with its help.



Any of these ways is different from another one, all you need to do is pick the one that works for you personally. Any of these methods will work perfectly, just make sure the one you choose corresponds your demands.

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