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How to Wash a Car


If you have noticed a "Wash Me" sign written on the dirty back of your car, it's probably high time to wash it. Although sounds pretty simple, washing a car is a science to learn. Using wrong tools, cleaners, and techniques, you can make your vehicle look even messier than it used to be. Although driving the car to the car wash seems to be a good solution, many people don't want to pay money every time their cars get dirty (which probably happens pretty often). So, why paying money if you can do it yourself (unless you can force someone else to do it for you). Check some easy tips for quality car wash and make your baby clean and shiny again.


  • Start from closing the doors and windows. You don't want the water to pour into the salon.
  • Rinse the car with water using a hose. Start from the top and work your way to the bottom.
  • Once the car is fully rinsed off, grab your sponge, dampen it in soapy water and wash the hood area. If it's too hot outside, you'd better wash the car section by section. Wash one part of the vehicle, then rinse it with water, and skip to the next one.
  • Clean the radiator. The best way to do that is using a bug cleaner that you can buy in any local auto store.
  • Wash the paint around the radiator with soapy water. The point is bug cleaner is too strong for paint, and soapy water helps protecting it. Spray as much bug cleaner on the radiator as needed to clean the dirt off naturally without using any brushes. Radiator has gills that can be damaged if wiped or cleaned with a brush. Thus, let the cleaner soak really well and then use your hose to wash it away.
  • When you clean the tires, you want to rinse them with water to remove the dirt. Then, spray some degreaser or wheel cleaner and use a stiff-bristled brush to loosen up debris and make them shiny.
  • Rinse with water and dry the rim off.
  • Clean the exhaust pipes. This is probably the dirtiest place on your car and it requires special attention. Again, if it's made of aluminum, you don't want to use strong cleaners. Opt for soapy water and some polish when it dries.
  • Use clean shammies to dry the car off. Wipe the entire surface to avoid watery stains on the car.
  • Always use clean towels and sponges and don't forget to change them as the old ones get dirty.


Don't wash your car in direct sunlight

Try to find a nice and shady area to prevent soap's drying too fast. Don't opt for too shady place as well because you need to see the dirty spots clearly.

Don't use strong degreaser for aluminum rims

You can use it for chrome ones, but not aluminum. If you don't know the difference between chrome and aluminum rims, just use some soapy water.

Don't start washing the car from the bottom

As you go your way up, the dirt from the top will trickle down and stain the clean area.

Don't use soap to wash a canvas top

There are different cleaners for canvases.

Don't forget to wear safety gloves

Especially if you work with chemical cleaners. Even if you use regular soap, you can damage your skin because of the alkali.

Don't use too firm sponge

You don't want to scratch the surface.

Don't use strong chemicals on the sign

You don't want to have problems with the police.



A layer of dirt can make even the hottest car look like an old clunker. However, it's not just the matter of aesthetics. Severe dirt accumulation can cause problems with your car, and stained plate can cause an unpleasant conversation with the police officer. This article will help you clean your car professionally. Now, when your car is nice and shiny again, you can hit the road without worrying about its looking dusty and ugly.

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