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How to Use Hot Rollers


Flawless hair is one of the most significant things in a whole women appearance, we can even say that it's better to wear no make but not have a bad hair day. For example, men divide women into such categories as blonds and brunettes but now with eye shadows applied and without them. Obviously, hair is something any person pays attention to when he or she is thinking about other people's appearance.

Being able to style your hair in different ways is a pretty important task, as there should be variety in your style and general look. Even though you think you look great with straight hair, try using hot rollers once in a while. These guys will give your hair curves and volume that will last longer on comparing to effect of regular rollers for example. Only thing you should know is how exactly to use hot rollers to create your perfect curls.


Hot rollers help you to create perfect curls in 15 to 20 minutes. Another their great advantage is that hot rollers can be used for all types of hair, even for dry and weak ones.



Preheat your hot rollers. Follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer and preheat hot rollers. Usually it takes about 5 minutes.


Blow dry and divide hair

If you are doing a hairdo on just washed hair, blow them with a hair dryer. Your hair should be either completely dry or a bit wet. Use bobby pins, scrunchies or hair pins to divide your hair into 3 horizontal layers first. Then divide each layer into 6-8 sections - these would be the locks we would roll onto each hot roller.


Apply styling products and hot rollers

Use a hair gel or a mousse, apply it to each lock. Starting from the edge of your hair, start rolling the hot roller around the lock. When the whole lock is rolled - clip the hot roller with the special fixation device that comes in the package. Do all the hair locks in this way.


Remove hot rollers

After 15 to 20 minutes when hot rollers are cool completely, you can remove them. The longer you keep them on - the longer your curls will last. When you have removed all the hot rollers - apply hair spray generously to fixate the curls.

If you are afraid to damage your hair - choose hot rollers with ceramic coat - ceramic has a protective effect over your hair.


Don't use on damaged hair!

If your hair is too dry and damaged it's not recommended to use hot rollers as you are risking to damage your hair even more.



Changing your style and trying something new is always a great experience. Experimenting with your appearance will help you to figure out which looks the best on you. The only thing that you should remember is that hot rollers is still a damage to your hair so don't use them every single day and when you wash your hair after, apply restoring masks and moisturizing conditioners.

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