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How to Use Facebook


The history of Facebook appearance and development turned out to be so interesting, dynamical and head-spinning that it has become the subject of a documentary called "Social Network" released in 2010. This documentary has won several awards on prestigious festivals. Facebook was registered by its creator Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Nowadays Facebook still is supposed to be one of the most profitable projects like Ebay or Google.

Firstly Facebook was accessible only for the students of one of the universities. Later Facebook became the network uniting all the Internet users of the US. Today Facebook is one of the top international social networks. In 2009 Facebook gained the first profit. Today its income makes up more than 50 million USD.



Register a Facebook account

You should start your using Facebook with registering procedure. After you go to Facebook and open the main page you will see the requirement to submit the address of your email and password. Facebook is able to set the language automatically. In case you don't want to use English pay attention to the lower left corner. There you will find the option of selecting language.

After you submit all the necessary information you will have to check your email. Find new letter from Facebook in your inbox and open it. You should receive the link for proving your registering on this resource. Follow the link to prove your registering and proceed working with Facebook.


Organize your profile

After you have confirmed your registering you may start setting up your profile in Facebook. Pay attention to list of settings in the left part of the window. By clicking each point in this menu you will be able to submit information about yourself, upload photos and adjust your profile. If you wish to see how your profile will be seen by the other Facebook users click the button saying "View my profile".

The next step will be to set up the privacy options. This option is located in the drop-down menu called "Account". Account menu may be found in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose the information that you would like to hide from everybody or from the certain group of users.


Start communicating via Facebook

The first step is to search for people you are interested in and add their profiles to the list of your friends. You will see the button "Add to friend list" on the profile page of each person. Click this button and if the target person agrees you will see his profile in your friend list. You may search for your relatives, classmates, friends or even celebrities. There are verified celebs' profiles on Facebook.

Events displayed in your News frame may also be set up. You may hide the news from some certain people or public groups if you don't feel like seeing them each time you visit your profile.

Write messages to your friends and other Facebook users. Upload, share and watch videos. Look through the photos of other users and submit your own ones. A featured function of Facebook is the so-called timeline which is some sort a wall. That is the possibility to leave messages including media files in profile of some other person and your own one. Other people may also view your message on the wall. However you may make your wall private. Visit the privacy setting options for that.


  • Don't submit any personal identity information that should be kept private.
  • Don't upload any photos or videos that might do harm to your reputation. Remember that everything once uploaded on the web stays there forever.
  • Don't violate any laws by submitting inappropriate or illegal content.



Today social networks provide wide possibilities for communication and business. They can even be used by users to promote users' goods and services as a great source of advertisement. Start using Facebook to find your old buddies from school and university and even find new friends. This is a great way to stay tuned to all the latest events in the lives of people who are close to you.

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