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How to Unlock a Blackberry


Blackberry phones http://blackberry.com/ are highly popular ones as of today. These phones are made mostly for business goals and they are highly used by businessmen all over the world. They allow easy access to the Internet, you can operate with your emails in a very simple way, there phones are of great quality which means they can be used for years.

Blackberries, as majority of cells on territory of US are locked by a mobile provider in order to prevent usage of these phones with other mobile communication service providers within the country and what's even more important, to prevent usage of these made in USA phones in other countries of the world. If you insert a SIM card that is different from the provider from which you bought your Blackberry, the gadget won't work.

If you are not satisfied with mobile plans that your mobile provider is offering you and you want to change it, the only way you can do this is by unlocking your Blackberry phone.



Make sure it's locked

To unlock your Blackberry, first of all, you need to make sure it is actually locked.

  • Place a SIM card you are going to use with this phone and turn Blackberry on.
  • Turn off all the wireless connection through Menu option "Manage Connections", over there choose "Turn off all connections".
  • Go to Menu and there choose "Options and Settings" and there go to Advanced Options.
  • From the list that you'll see choose SIM card. Use keyboard and type M E P D (or M E P P D if your blackberry is of 81** or 82** series). All the letters should be capital.
  • After that pay attention to the status of Network - if it says Active - your Blackberry is locked. (NOTE: if device is unlocked it should say Inactive or Disabled).

To unlock you need to type M E P 2 (if you don't see a window for inserting the unlock code then try 2 other combinations which are M E P P 2 or M E P E). If the combination has been typed successfully, you should get a pop up window where a code to unlock Blackberry should be inserted. Now the most difficult pat appears - where to get the code. There are several of possible things that you can do to get the code. Pick one that you find to be the best working one.


Get the unlock code

Contact mobile provider

This is the most legit thing you can do. It can work if you explain that you need to travel with this phone abroad for example. But each and any mobile carrier has its own conditions on giving out the code to unlock Blackberry. So the best thing is to contact support through an email and to ask support team in person.


Mep Reader http://www.4shared.com/rar/s0UaC91t/blackberry_mep_reader.htm , BBSAK (Blackberry Swiss Army Knife) http://bbsak.org/ - here one of the most frequently used software that most of the people use for this goal. Install them onto your computer, connect Blackberry to computer too. Read the instruction on how to use a program and follow the instruction given.

Going to pros

Today in almost any city of the world, there are paid services where smart and skilled professionals will get the code for you for a reasonable price.

Online services

Basically, it's almost the same as the previous option which is going to pros, but you do that online. You transfer money through credit card/ PayPal or WebMoney, send out your IMEI number and by this number, pros get you an unlock code.


Never pay in advance

Never pay for the service in advance, make sure you are paying for the unlocking process as soon as you are sure your Blackberry is successfully working.



Unlocking of a cell phone is basically breaking the conditions of a contract between you and a cell phone provider. We only accept doing this process if you are going on a business trip abroad and this is your only reason to unlock Blackberry. Live fair and don't spoil your karma condition.

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