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How to Understand the Four Noble Truths


For those of you who are looking for spiritual enlightenment and chose Buddhism as spiritual lighthouse, the Four Noble Truths become one of the most challenging parts of this philosophy to decode. Basically, they dwell upon the nature of suffering (dukkha), its origin, and the ways of cessation. Understanding of these Noble Truths is the key point of understanding and accepting Buddhism, but it can be pretty challenging for Western people whose traditional religion is so much different. Read this article to get to know these doctrines better.



The first Truth

The first Truth says that life means suffering. No matter what a creature does, it's always full of suffering and pain. Our entire life is pain, both physical and emotional, and even death can't stop this vicious circle because life doesn't stop after our death and we resurrect in a new form, and the circle starts over.


The second Truth

The second Truth tells us about the origin of suffering. Buddha said that it comes out of attachment. The more we are attached to transient things the more it hurts. There are craving, clinging, and ignorance that make us suffer. Indeed, no matter what you are craving for, you would suffer because you either can't get it, or lose it, or get too much of it.


The third Truth

The third Truth dwells upon cessation of dukkha. Particularly, it tells us that the absence of craving means the end of suffering. Indeed, when you don't crave for anything, it can't make you any harm by being unachievable or lost. This is called nirodha. But how can one live without the desire? It is possible, and the fourth Truth will tell you how. But more on that later.

Any spiritually developed person comes to the realization of the first 3 Truths sooner or later. Fistly, he/she understands that even those things that bring joy make them suffer. Then, they realize that they suffer because of their desire to own things. Finally, they ask themselves whether it's possible to overcome suffering.


The fourth Truth

The fourth Truth is all about the ways you can stop your suffering. It's called the Eightfold Path - a multilevel way to dispassion that ends up in Nirvana. This path starts with understanding the 4 Truths of Buddhism.


Don't take it literally

All these Truths are not only applied to the physical side of life. It's all about spirituality as well. Thus, you can't get rid of dukkha by mere refusing to being attached to material things. Your ideas, people you love, things that you find important: these are attachments as well, and you need to deal with them, too.



Hopefully, this article helped you to understand the Four Noble Truths and make the first step toward your spiritual enlightenment. If you find these principles legit, continue learning the basics of Buddhism to get a better idea of its concepts, and one day you will understand that this world became a little bit clearer for you, and you became happier than you were before. The truth is right behind the corner, and you just need to reach out and touch it.

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