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How to Understand Qi Gong


Qi Gong (also known as tai chi) is an ancient relaxation technique often associated with martial arts. Indeed, it was originated as a martial art, but these days itís mostly used to reach a harmonious balance between all parts of your being, including your body, your mind, and your soul. It is a complicated science to learn, but once understood, it can bring you peace and help you forget about any diseases, be it physical problems, mental disorders, or spiritual issues. Before you dive into a huge pile of books and manuals, check this article to get some basic understanding of the main principles of Qi Gong.

Understand what is Qi

Qi is a fundamental term of Qi gong. This is the energy that forms our bodies and souls and makes us who we are. There are two types of Qi in you: Yin and Yang. Yin is energy of a feminine nature, i.e. everything soft, passive, and spiritual. Yang is male energy that is responsible for everything active and physical. A good balance of Yin and Yang is a key to good health, while imbalance results in diseases, stress, and other issues. Thus, balancing these two energies is what Qi Gong is all about.

Understand how Qi flows

Qi flows in energy channels that run throughout your body and helps your Qi circulate effectively for a good balance. Each person has 12 main channels and 8 smaller channels. Once the imbalance appears, one of these channels gets blocked and donít let your energy circulate properly. Our grandmas always say that all our diseases appear because of stress, and they are rightÖ partially. In fact, the blockage starts with Yin Ė the spiritual energy Ė and after that spreads further.

Learn how to fix Qi

Qi Gong deals with imbalance by exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation. Learn each point thoroughly and practice them to balance your Qi and get well.

  • Donít refuse to traditional medications. You can keep taking them alongside with practicing Qi Gong techniques and achieve better results quickly.
  • Donít concentrate on one certain point. To heal a disease, you need to use physical, mental, and spiritual treatments at the same time.
  • Donít practice the exercises without some guidance. These are difficult and sophisticated techniques that can do more harm than good if you donít use professional help. Find a Qi Gong teacher to explain you the basics of Qi Gong and show you how to do the exercises, breath, and meditate.





Traditional medicine only helps us on a physical level by removing the symptoms, but this is not enough to cope with it and forget about it once and for all. Consider Qi Gong as an additional remedy to get rid of diseases, stress, and anxiety and be healthy and live in harmony.

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