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How to Turn a Guy On


The men are unique creatures that are supposed to be strong and mature but on the other hand are quite defenseless in front of the women's enchantment. From this article you will learn how to turn a guy on so that his brain would be switched off and he would get under the influence of the charm of a woman. There are several basic rules that should be followed to drive a guy crazy.


The clothes

That may be a secret but the scientists have proven long ago that the man is aroused not by the completely naked feminine body but by the slightly covered by the clothes. In that way you will provide your man the chance to solve your riddle and he will do his best to cope with that task. That's why in the case you wish to arouse a man put on the minimal amount of clothes. You may neglect wearing a bra or wear the transparent clothes so that your underwear will be seen. Put on the light clothes and the man will be yours.


The French kiss is able to switch the brain of any guy off for a while. That's why it is very simple to turn the man on with the help of a kiss. The main rule here is to act tenderly and softly. You may give your boyfriend the soft kisses reminding the fluttering of a butterfly's wings or try to kiss him aggressively using your teeth. But be careful and don't bite your man really!

The aesthetic red or pink lips

One of the most erotic parts of a feminine body is the lips. The lips should be bright, red or pink. The naturally colored soft pale pink lips will also drive the man crazy. The matter is that the bright lips are accepted as the sign of the good blood flow and the health of the woman. The healthy woman is perceived as sexually attractive by man. The red lips symbolize the rush of the blood as the sign of the sexual excitement. But in the most cases everything is even more trivial. Seeing your sensual lips your man will instantly imagine about the things you can do with these lips. The man start fantasizing immediately about the arousing situations with the participation of your lips. Yes that may sound rather bawdy but that is the way the man's brain works. That's why to seduce a man you need to make your lips sweet and soft.

Text messages

It is quite easy to arouse your man with the help of some promising text message. That excitement will last till the moment of your meeting as he will think only about you. Text something unusual. You may inform him about your plans for the evening. Tell him about the things you are going to do with his body. He wouldn't resist.

Be tender

If the man is already belonging to you, you my arouse him with the help of fondling. The men are like children. They enjoy being hugged tightly. Tell him you love him and stroke him by his head. Show him your affection.

Keep changing

The men are not very fixed creatures as you may see. They are always eager to try something new. I you want to keep your man next to you you will have to thing how to bring some variety into your intimate life, your style, your habits and your appearance.


  • Don't be rude with the man. It is good only in role playing.
  • Don't proceed doing the things your man doesn't like. That will irritate him.
  • Don't stay indifferent to you man. He also want the mutual feelings.



These tips are enough to drive any man crazy but the main rule here is that you should really love your man and be sexually active with him. In that case he will always want to be only with you. These tips are rather general and they are for the majority of men, however you know your significant better than us, so experiment and try new things, your plus one would definitely appreciate all your efforts.

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