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How to Trim a Beard


Beards seem to be very popular these days: famous Doctor Gregory House (the character well played by Hugh Laurie in very popular TV series "House M. D."), and such a talented man as Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace, wore beards. If you don’t know what trimmer to choose or how to trim a beard, how to decide what shape is best for you, then this article will come in handy. Here we provide a few tips and tricks on how to trim a beard. Trimming a beard is easier than it seems, the main thing here is to choose the right shape. No need to be afraid to do something wrong – your beard will grow back and you will be able to try again.



Choose style

If you want to grow a beard but don't know how to trim it, then first thing you need to do is choose your beard style.

When choosing your beard style, you need to take into account shape of your face. Width of your cheekbones, your lips, and this all is very important.


Stop shaving

Step two is to stop shaving. It sounds like such an obvious step, but the thing is: some men decide to grow a goatee and start shaving in 2 - 3 days shaping their beard this way. You need to stop shaving at all for two weeks. In two weeks carefully examine your face looking in a mirror. You are probably going to look like a homeless person, but it is ok - it is necessary.

See how your beard grows: in which direction it grows, in what area there is more hair; does your mustache reach your beard at all? Analyze that, and think what beard style can be good for you.

If you have a thick beard then you can make it wide. If your face is round then you can trim your beard so it doesn't reach your chin. Goatee can improve the situation too. Though you should remember that there are not so many men who look good wearing a goatee, so be very careful making your decision. If you don't have much hair on your cheeks, goatee will do too. In this case you can also try "Lincoln" style.

After you shape your beard, let it grow. Don't trim it even if it reached the right length: let all the hair fill the "shape" you chose. Only after that you can correct the length of your beard. Don't make it too long: 0,5 cm is the proper length. On the other hand, it is a matter of taste.



To trim your beard you are going to need a quality trimmer. Here are some things you need to take into account when choosing a trimmer:

  • high rotation speed,
  • head that moves gently
  • quick battery charging
  • long battery work.

To trim a beard, you need to turn on the trimmer and start trimming it against the hair growth (or in the direction of hair growth if it works for you). To get a beard like in the picture & video, start with your neck, press trimmer very lightly to your neck and start moving it up, toward the ear / chin, following natural curves of the body. Beard should cover your chin, all of it, including the area under the lower jaw. Then work the cheeks: start shaving hair, move downwards, 0,5 cm at a time, making sure the beard isn’t too narrow. Stop shaving once you reach your mustache.


  • Don't trim your beard in rush.
  • Don't make a quick decision on the shape of your beard.
  • Don't grow beard unless you are sure it will make you look better and don't be afraid to get rid of the beard if you realize it doesn't suit you.
  • Don't buy a cheap trimmer or cheap laser.
  • Don't forget to use lotion every time.
  • Don't pick lotion with a strong smell.
  • Don't buy lotion that contains alcohol: it is not going to smell good and it may be bad for your skin (especially if it is sensitive)
  • Don't forget to trim / shave your beard when it is necessary, otherwise you are going to look awful.
  • Don't be afraid to try other beard style if all your friends say the one you chose doesn't look good.



Remember that your face is your everything: it matters when you are planning on asking a girl out, it matters when you go to a job interview. You need to make sure your beard makes you look better, not worse. If you have problems choosing your beard style, go to a stylist, he will help you choose your style and help you trim your beard for the first time so you know how it's done.

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