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How to Trim Pubic Hair


Sexual revolution has become the part of the past history today and people became more liberated in the questions of gender behavior. However even today some aspects still are not quite clear to everyone. One of such questions is the length of pubic hair. What to do with male pubic area is more or less clear. Basically just the neatly trimmed hair is quite OK. However women often bother their heads with the question "What to do with the hair down there?".

Perhaps nowadays it is possible to wear any "hairstyle" in your pubic area. One may trace the evolution of pubic hair designs during the whole second half of the 20th century. During the 60's the women used to let their pubic hair grow naturally, the 80's was an epoch of narrow trimmed stripes of hair, in the late 90's the women preferred completely smooth pubis. Today all these designs are popular and you can choose whichever one you want.


Consult trichologist

Before you trim your pubic hair for the first time you need to consult a specialist. A trichologist will evaluate the length and the structure of your pubic hair and advice the best design for you personally. Besides that the skin condition is also an important factor that will define the amount and order of the steps in the whole procedure.

Prepare your skin and hair for trimming

The best way to do that is to take a hot bath. The skin and the hair will become softer as they get soaked with water. That step will prevent you from damaging your skin during the trimming procedure. Moreover if your pubic hair is thick and hard while your skin is dry and sensitive warming in a hot bath will make the trimming safer. Such combination of hard hair and soft skin can bring you such an unpleasant thing as ingrown hair. Hot bath will prevent your hair from growing in a wrong direction.

Cut your hair firstly

If your pubic hair is too long you need to cut it. Use the scissors to cut your pubic hair. The perfect length for trimming is 1/4 of an inch. The matter is that trimmer may skip some hairs which are too long.

Start trimming you pubic hair

  • Sit or lay on your back comfortably. It is recommended to sit as in that way you will see everything properly.
  • Take your bath towel and wipe your skin.
  • Take your trimmer in your hand. Strain your skin with other hand. Press the trimmer against your skin tightly. Make slow sliding movements. You need to move the trimmer against the growth direction of your hair.
  • Using the towel or a thick brush remove the cut hair from your skin. Stop and evaluate the result. If your hair needs some extra trimming you may proceed with repeating the procedure once again for better results.

Rinse the cut hairs with water

Rinse the pubic area to get rid of the cut hairs. Now you are good to go.


  • Don't sit on the edge of your bathtub. That may be quite dangerous.
  • Don't use razors if you are trimming your hair for the first time. You may start with using the safe electric trimmer.
  • Don't forget to clean the trimming machine after the usage.



Take into consideration that you need to pay great attention to the issue of hygiene. Always process your skin and the working surface of the trimmer with the antiseptic solution. Besides that check your skin and make sure you don't have any bleeding cuts. If there are some use antiseptic adhesive plaster.

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