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How to Treat Bronchitis


Frequent cold-related diseases can lead to bronchitis. Bronchitis often occurs in people from large cities: a plenty of dust, pollution Ė these things can cause bronchitis too. Bronchitis is a disease that affects bronchi. It is inflammation of mucous membrane followed by cough, fever, running or stuffy nose. Bronchitis is often coupled with bronchial asthma attacks which can be pretty dangerous, this is why bronchitis needs to be carefully treated. There are four main stages in bronchitis treatment, and we are going to cover them here.



General advice

Any person who suffers from bronchitis should quit smoking (cigarettes, cigars and everything else). Of course sometimes bronchitis strikes people who donít smoke, but you should remember that passive smoking can be just as bad. Stay away from people who are smoking and places where they smoke; ask your friends to not light cigarettes with you in the room. Get more fresh air, go out of town as often as possible (if possible). Take vitamins and eat well.



In a few words, bronchodilator is a drug that helps you ďexpandĒ your bronchi and breathe chestful. Such drugs also help to fight bronchial asthma attacks:

  • salbutamol;
  • fenoterol;
  • aminophylline.

Mucolytic agents & Expectorants

Take mucolytic agents and expectorant drugs (solventia). These drugs are necessary to get out expectoration. They are based on extracts from plants. If bronchitis is chronic, a patient should take synthetic mucolytic agents, such as ambroxol, various cough syrups and powders.



During 4th stage patient is treated with antibiotics only: via shots and pills prescribed by your doctor. Along with antibiotics one should take prebiotics (they donít go together). Prebiotics go with food, 2-3 times a day. You can eat a quality yogurt every day instead. Prebiotics will prevent antibiotics from messing up your stomach.

Handling a bronchial asthma attack.

You can either take pills or use an asthma inhaler. If you feel like you donít have time to wait for pills to work, use inhaler. If you decide to use pills, you will need to take tree pills at once:

  • spasm relief (like drotaverine);
  • a bronchodilator (like aminophylline);
  • and an allergy pill (like tavegil) if you think allergy could provoke this attack (dust or something else).

When trying to fight bronchial asthma attack, donít lie down. Sit down and support your body by leaning a little bit forward and putting hands on bed or table (so it is easier on your lungs and bronchi). Before you take that combination of pills you should make sure they go together (drotaverine, tavegil and aminophylline do go together, but we donít know what pills you are going to use), and you better not wait for asthma attack to figure that out. Consult your doctor to be sure.


  • Don't stay alone during an asthma attack. If you are home alone, at least call someone and tell them you are not feeling well.
  • Don't smoke.
  • Don't take drugs without prescription and don't try to establish a diagnosis yourself.



Bronchitis is a serious disease. If what you have is acute form of bronchitis, you must treat it right away, otherwise it will transform into chronic bronchitis which is harder to deal with. Sometimes simple home remedies help treat bronchitis, although you should consult your doctor in case you need drugs.

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