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How to Treat Bed Bug Bites


Bed bugs are one of the most horrible insects with which you can deal. They are almost unseen because of their really tiny size, their appearance is painful and horrible because of their bites and it's really hard to deal with them. Don't blame yourself for the lack of hygiene if you have just found you have bedbugs as it is possible to bring them from the outside. For example from couches in lobbies, offices, hotels and so on. No one is guaranteed with never dealing with these small creepy guys so don't panic and start taking correspondent measures.

If you have bedbugs at home or you have just dealt with them somewhere, the reason why you found out is their bites. Their bites look like small red dots that can even itch. Favorite places of bedbugs to bite are arms, legs and neck. Generally, bedbug bites need a lot of time to heal completely. In addition to that, people with tanned skin or people with pale skin but who have a tendency to have post-traumatic pigmentation are at the risk of having dark spots on the places where they had bed bugs bites. So if you've noticed you have some red dots on your skins, that are looking like bed bug bites, it's very important to start treating them.




To remove all the leftovers of bed bugs liquids and get rid of any other traces on your skin, immediately take a shower. Intensively wash all your body with antibacterial shampoo or soap. If the rashes occurs - apply something cool to the places where you were bitten by these insects for like 15 to 20 minutes.



Immediately take antihistamines right after you've noticed you have bed bug bites on your skin.



Take pure alcohol and disinfect the damaged areas of your skin



Use hydrocortisone (as is or cremes with it) to treat the bits. This ingredient can both remove allergic reaction and inflammation of skin. Apply it 2-3 times a day onto the bed bugs bites.

You can also use any wound healing creams in case you don't have hydrocortisone, for example vitamin E, aloe vera, Bepanthen creme, and any other healing creams you trust.


Water plus baking soda

Apply the following solution to damaged ares: water mixed with baking soda (5:1). You can also use it several times a day.


Don't use any scrubs

You are damaging your skin even more. Scrubs are only for exfoliating healthy skin.

Don't think that bed bugs will disappear on their own

Get rid of ed bugs in your apartment or spread the information about bed bugs existence if you are not at home.

Don't neglect bites

Don't think that bed bug bites shouldn't be treated and they would go away on their own - you risking to have even bigger irritation on your skin



Bed bug bites are not the most pleasant thing to experience, however it is possible to relieve the itches and rashes and stimulate the process of their healing. Make sure you disinfected the place where you living in order not to spread bed bugs all over your home. If the condition of bed bug bites on your skin gets worse - immediately contact your doctor.

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