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How to Travel on a Small Budget


Is that really difficult and expensive to travel? Of course not. If you are aiming to see the other counties without paying much money for that you are able to do that. If only several decades ago traveling was supposed to be the activity that requires some significant sums of money. If you have some knowledge about the ways to reduce the expenses for the traveling you will be able to see the other countries even if your income can't be called the high one.

Today a lot of students and young adults who don't have the constant job manage to travel without spending much money for that. In general you are able to spare more than $ 300 during the one week trip. Take into consideration that sparing some large sums of money is made up by sparing your money that you could spend on some minor and less significant things. Proceed reading this article to find out what things will help you to travel cheaper.


Cheap Tickets

First of all sign up for getting the information from the low cost airline companies. How about to travel to Spain from France just for 10 Euro? And proceed your travel by going from Spain to Italy just for 25 Euro? Such low cost airline companies as Ryanair, Easy Jet or Wizzair offer the tickets for the really ridiculous prices during the days of the total sale. All you need to do is to catch your ticket in the right time.

It is possible to buy the cheapest airline tickets approximately for half a year before the flight. If you don't feel like planning the things far beforehand you may also make a bargain just one month or less than a month before the flight. To have all the information about the sales and get the price list of the discount tickets in time sign up for the mailout.


Try to use the public transport more often than the taxi if you are in another country. It is not a secret that a bus trip is cheaper than the taxi trip. However instead of buying the single ticket for the public transport (it may cost you from $ 2 to $ 4) try to search for the economy variants. In the most part of the countries you are able to purchase the unlimited ticket for all the kinds of the public transport that will stay valid from 1 day to the whole month. For example in Amsterdam the price for the trip get lower depending upon the amount of the trips you have used during one and the same day. You may use this advantage during the day which is full of sightseeing tours.


Go on a picnic! The European cities are famous for their splendid parks and recreation zones. If the weather is fine why not to go on a picnic instead of sitting in the expensive cafe? It is better to have a nice cheap meal outside. You may buy all the necessary products for your picnic in the local market. You may be sure you buy only the organic products from the local farmers, bakers and cheese makers.

Find the right time

Travel during the weekdays. The most part of the tourists prefer traveling on the weekends. During the weekends both the queues and the prices become bigger. Use the weekends for getting the cheaper tickets and finding the cheaper rooms.


  • Don't neglect the free sightseeing. Such activity will help you to make your travel more interesting
  • Don't buy the water or food without any necessity in the places where the tourists accumulate. Prefer the shops and the markets where the native people buy their food.
  • Don't hesitate to ask the people where could you get the same thing but for the cheaper price.



The businessmen are aware of the fact that the tourists may buy the things for the bigger price. That is why if you like souvenir try to search for the same one in the depth of the city. It is possible that you will find the same one but twice cheaper. Anyway try to use the same services and buy the things the native dwellers use and buy.

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