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How to Train your Dog


The result of training is when you say a command and a dog does what he doesn't what to do. Or when after the command the dog refuses to do what he wants to do.

For instance: when your dog is chasing a cat, you scream out "Come", he turns around and comes to you. This is an example of perfect obedience. Why? Because chasing a cat is an instinct. And your command is more powerful than a natural instinct. This is what every qualified dog trainer wants to achieve.


Emotional treatments

A dog can be trained using a common method that combines a command or a movement and a treat. First when you give a command a dog is not going to understand what you want, this is why you need to help him understand. For instance: you say "Down", gently sit him down. After that give him a treat to show you are happy with him.

But don't use this method to much, because if you make a dog do something like this - pressure him too much - he may get irritated.

Using dog treats

For a treat method to work you need to train a dog before you feed him, so it is hungry or almost hungry when you train him (you can do it 3 - 4 hours after you fed him). You can train a dog a couple of time a day, 2 hours tops.

When to start

If you ask when you should start training then the answer is: right away. When a puppy is born, he is very small and it is easy to hurt him - when you take him, be really careful. One wrong movement and your doggie is going to be limped all his life. From the very beginning you can pet him, take care of him so he gets attached.

Basic rules of dog training:

  • Don't let the dog do what you are going to forbid him to do in the future.
  • Don't call off the command even if you have to spend a lot of time making the dog do it.
  • Don't lie to the dog. If you are calling a dog in a gentle calm voice to punish it - next time you call it may not come.
  • If the dog does something wrong, it is your fault, not his.
  • Take care of the dog and its health.
  • Don't overrate the achievements of your dog


  • Don't be afraid if your dog is not doing what you want him to do. It can only mean you need to explain it different way.
  • Don't scream at the dog, it is not going to work. And don't throw your arms about. Your animal is going to think you are playing with him, or it will get scared and you won't be able to teach him anything at all. Ever.
  • Don't punish the dog in advance. Sometimes owners scream at the dog when it doesn't understand what they want from him or it does something wrong. How can a dog know what you want from him? Don't punish him for that, he will not even understand why you do that.
  • If you lose your dog's respect, you will never be able to train it. This is why you should never scream at him if you had a bad day. A dog longs for communication; it is not going to obey you if all you do is scream at him.



When training a dog you have to keep in mind that you are together in this and that you are partners. Donít yell at your dog and donít get mad. Your dog is your friend, you donít want to hurt or upset your friend. You need to remember that, be patient and loving and your dog will love you back. Good luck!

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