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How to Tie a Shoe


You first face with lacing science when you are a kid, but it can come back again much later when you buy a cool pair of shoes and want to tie them in some special way. Actually, thatís the thing that many people overlook: they lace their shoes but donít pay much attention to the way they tie it. You know some dude belongs to this type of people when you see him bending his knees every once in a while to tie the laces that come untied all the time. Itís irritating, obnoxious and really pisses everyone off. If you donít want to fail like these dudes, check the article and learn how to tie your shoes like a boss.

Loop swoop and pull

  • Take the laces and cross them over and tuck them tight. Thatís called a half knot.
  • Make a loop at one side, then swoop the other lace around the loop and push it under with your finger.
  • Pull it tight to make sure it wonít come untied when least expected.

Bunny ears

  • Make a half knot.
  • Make a loop at one side, then make an equal loop at the other side.
  • Cross them over, tuck one underneath and pull them tight.

Superfast tying

If you are in a hurry and donít want to waste more than a second on tying a shoe (which is a good idea because you obviously can spend this time much more effectively), you would totally love this method. Besides, if you tie your shoes this way on public, you would look like a real pro! Probably, there are no stories about guys that managed to pick a girl with tying shoes, but you can make it happen someday.

  • Make a half knot.
  • Pick the laces and protrude your thumb and index fingers on both hands while holding the laces with ring fingers and pinkies.
  • Put two protruded fingers in front of one lace and two other fingers in back of the opposite lace.
  • Pull them frontwards and make a cross with the loops.
  • Pinch the right one with your left hand and the left one with the right hand.
  • Pull them out and tighten.

This method requires some practice but itís obviously the coolest one, so itís totally worth your time.

  • Donít tuck the strings too tight when you make a half knot if you donít want to untie your shoes when taking them off. Some people hate doing this endless tying-untying job every time they want to jump in/off their shoes, so if you are one of them, make the knot comparatively loose.
  • Donít apply too much pressure when you tighten or pull the laces. You donít want to tear them.



They teach you so many things at school, but the science of coolness is the only discipline that you have to learn on your own. Today, you took another coolness class and learned how to tie your laces and always be sure that your shoes stick on firmly and would never come untied in the middle of the street and cause your losing a shoe, falling down or just looking like a retarded preschooler.

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