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How to Tie a Sarong


Summer is coming soon, and summer staple also known as sarong or pareo is coming to keep it a company. You can put it over your swimsuit while on the beach and protect your body from sand and sun, or just cover your body and look hot and fashionable. Here are several easy ways to tie your sarong which will help you to highlight your natural beauty.



Dress with a front slit

Hold a sarong behind you horizontally, a hand on each end. Wrap the sarong around your body, hold the ends so that they are crossed on your chest, and twist them once. Take them up around your neck and securely tie them on the back of your neck. Now it looks like a fancy dress with a front slit. Just make sure the tie is secure to prevent your sarong from falling down.



If you love asymmetrical or Empire-style look, wrap the sarong around your body, take it behind your back and leave a little "tail" on the side. Basically, you have 2 tails - the larger one comes across your shoulder, and the smaller one hangs on the side. What you want to do next is tie these 2 tails together on the back. It can be pretty challenging if you are not really flexible, so ask a friend to assist you with this one.


Beach jacket

Place your sarong on a flat surface and tie the parallel corners together so that you have 2 tight knots. Put your arms through the holes as if they were sleeves, and wear the sarong as a nice beach jacket. That's a perfect idea if your walk on the beach took longer than planned and it starts getting cold. Besides, it will help you cover up your shoulders in case you've been under the direct sunlight for too long and your shoulders got sunburned.


Fancy dress

Wrap the sarong around your body and tie the upper ends. You don't want them to be tied tightly on your chest - you just want to tie the corners. After that, put your head right through the loop.


Wrap skirt

You can also use a sarong as a simple wrap skirt. Wrap your sarong around your bottom and just tuck each end into the panties of your swimsuit. Feel free to use pins for extra security.


  • Don't use too long and heavy sarongs as a skirt. You can accidentally step on it and it may fall down, or, what is worse, fall down and drag your panties down with it because of its own weight. You don't want to demonstrate your unmentionables to everyone on the beach.
  • Don't tie too tight knots. Otherwise, you will have a hard time untying them when you want to take your sarong off. There's no fun in sitting on the beach and trying to get rid of the wrapping while all your friends are catching the waves.



Sarong is a great piece of clothing that you will be glad to have in your beach bag. It can help you hide the imperfections of your body, protect your skin from the sun, and liberate yourself from getting dressed in case you want to go somewhere directly from the beach. Hopefully, these easy tips will help you tie your sarong and complete your fancy beach look.

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