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How to Tell if your Dog Is Pregnant


It is possible to say for sure if a woman is going to become a mother soon with the help of the special tests. However the pregnancy tests you can buy in the pharmacy are not suitable for the dogs. That's why it is necessary to watch the behavior of your pet carefully to say for sure if she is pregnant of not in the case you don't have any special animal pregnancy test. Of course every dog will show various behavior during the pregnancy as the gestation course is a purely individual thing.


Control the voidings of your dog

After the successful copulation ended in inception the voidings of the dog in the most cases either alter their color or just stop. That is quite a reliable sign of the dog pregnancy.


It is possible that you won't notice any signs during the first month pointing out the fact that the result of the copulation was the inception. Some animals may put on weight a little, the other start showing the intensive appetite, the third may even refuse eating and feel bad. Some dogs show the unusual sign of the pregnancy like softening of the fur or on the opposite their fur gets thick and hard. Some dogs show the unusual anxiety while the others may stay surprisingly calm and relaxed.

Leading position of the dog

The dog which appeared to get pregnant after the coupling as a rule may start do its best to take the position of the leader. In the wild nature the status of the pregnant animal automatically rises. The pregnant dog is being protected and carried of by the other members of the pack. So that's why there is no reason to wonder why has your obedient dog turn into such an impudent and noisy one. The animal may become more demanding and insolent that it was before the coupling.

Hard and swollen nipples

In a month the signs of the pregnancy will get more evident. The area of the nipples gets swollen and the nipples my become bright and more protruding forward. Moreover if the skin of your dog is quite fair its nipples may become bright pink or even somewhat purple.

Wide chest

In the beginning of the second month of the dog's pregnancy one may notice the extension of its chest and the increasing of the belly size behind the ribs. The dog will get calm and much more careful.

Swollen breasts

The second month of the dog's pregnancy can't go without being noticed. The breasts of the dog become bigger and may even hang down. The area around the nipples becomes hairless. 8 or 10 days before giving birth to the puppies the swollen nipples of the dog may start releasing the first milk.

Intensive weight gain

The weight of the dog starts increasing approximately three weeks before the dog gives birth to the pups. Usually the pregnancy of a dog lasts somewhere about 63 days.


  • Don't neglect the behavior of the dog. It may tell you more than the tests do especially during the first two weeks after the coupling.
  • Don't forget using the objective means of the dog pregnancy diagnostics. They are the urine tests, the blood tests and the ultrasound investigation.
  • Don't let the pregnant dog stay hungry. You should give it almost two times more food than it usually consumes. The pregnant dog has to support its own health and the development of the fetus.
  • Don't leave the pregnant dog alone for the long time. If you have to leave the house it is better to place it into the special dog care center. the neighbor are able to look after the dog in its usual state but the pregnant animal requires the special care.



Browse the other resources for the further information and consult the vet. Remember that your dog will need the special care during the pregnancy. In the case the pregnancy develops nomally the dog may stay at home up to the labour.

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