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How to Tell if Someone Is Lying


Everybody lies at some point, and denying it won't change this fact. Children lie about sweets and toys, teenagers lie about where they have spent last night and adults lie to earn more money, get a nice job, make a good impression or hide an affair. Some have great reasons: we all know about placebo effect. Everybody lies. But we still have a hard time figuring out whether or not other person is lying to us. Nothing is impossible, and you sure can tell if someone is lying to you. But before you decide to expose someone, you have to think everything through - understand what you are going to do with that truth. Why does the other person hide it from you? Do you need this truth? If you absolutely have to know what the other person is hiding, use simple pointers below.



If a person is looking up it can mean they are either trying to remember something or they are making up a story. If a person looks up & left - they are probably making up a lie; up & right - they are trying to remember something that has actually happened. Looking up is true about visual images, if a person tries to remember / make up a song / sound, they are going to look sideways. When a person is trying to remember physical feelings, they are going to look down & right, if they are fantasizing - down & left.

Sounds: remembering - right; making up - left.

Visual images: remembering - right & up; making up - left & up.

Physical feelings: remembering - right & down; making up - left & down.

  • If a person looks right into your eyes, they are receiving information. It is an open look and many believe to people who look them in the eye, but experienced liars are likely to look you in the eye, too. If a person looks down after telling you something, it may mean they lied to you, but it also may mean they feel uncomfortable. If a person looks down when they lie, you may want to cut them some slack - it means they don't do it often.
  • If a person's look goes down > up, it is a sign of admiration or respect. If it goes up > down, it is a sign of contempt or some other unpleasant emotion.

Facial expression

If a person's facial expression doesn't change for 5 seconds or more, there emotions are fake. When a person is sincere, facial expressions change faster.

Left hand

When someone is lying, they are likely to make some gestures with their left hand - touching their hair, face, clothes. Right hand is better controlled by mind, while left hand is more "independent" and can be ruled by emotions.

Unnatural movements

If you know a person good enough, you will notice movements and looks that aren't natural, and this will be your red flag.


If you notice one sign, don't judge too quickly. Every rule has exceptions and there is almost always not one, but a number of signs that give a lair away. It won't kill you to give a person the second chance - the benefit of the doubt. Listen to your heart.



Remember that a lie that someone tells you can be a different lie from what you have imagined, most lies are rather innocent and their aim is to avoid feeling uncomfortable or making you feel uncomfortable. Which is exactly why you shouldn't overthink anything.

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