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How to Tease Hair


Teasing is the easy and fast way to add some volume to your hair and make it look big. Many people enjoy wearing big hair imitating Brigitte Bardot or Catherine Deneuve hairstyle. Such volume hairstyles as beehive or Babette can't be imagined without a large hair tease. Our grannies and mothers used teasing as the only way to make their hair seem big.

Today there is a whole assortment of the styling mousses and sprays that are aimed to add volume but many women and young girls still tease their hair as it is the easiest way to get the thick and massive hairstyle. The type and the structure of your hair will influence the lasting of your teasing and the whole look of it.

The thin and elastic hair are usually teased easier than the thick and hard one. So if you have the thick hair typical of Asian, Latin or Eastern women you will probably make more effort to get the proper tease. So how one can tease his or her hair without visiting the expensive hairdresser salon?



Wash your hair first

First of all wash your hair thoroughly and rinse it with cool water after you finish. If you will tease the greasy hair your hairstyle won't last long. The greasy hair will fall down under its own weight. Let your hair dry as they are after washing and rinsing them.


Prepare a comb or a hair brush

To tease your hair you will need a comb with the soft teeth or a hair brush. Using a hair brush may prevent your hair from damage. If the tease is the basis of your hairstyle you may use the comb with large teeth. It will give your hairstyle the additional volume. Hair brush will save your hair while making the tease more dense. Use the combs with long and thin handle. In the process of teasing your hair you will have to detach the locks of your hair. The thin handle will help you to do that easily.


  • Separate the upper locks of your hair and bid it with a band. That layer needn't to be teased as it will cover the whole hairstyle. The matter is that the teased hair may look tangled and untidy. That layer will cover the tease and make your hairstyle look more natural.
  • Now detach another flat lock and hold it upwards.
  • Take a brush of comb in the other hand and begin to tease you hair.
  • Imagine that you are slowly combing your hair but make all the movement backwards. Insert the teeth of the comb into the mass of your hair and move it towards your scalp.
  • Repeat that action for several times.
  • Now take another looks and carry out all the procedures once more. Your movements should be soft and careful.
  • After you have finished teasing your hair cover the teased ones with the upper layer and forms the hairstyle with the fingers.
  • You may use some styling wax to make the whole look smoother. Take a proper amount in your hands and rub it between you palms. Stroke your hair with your palms carefully.


Don't tease wet hair

If you try to stretch one of your hairs while it's wet you'll see that it is much more elastic. Teasing may damage the wet hair.

Don't use flattening iron

You may use the styling sprays to provide fixation for your hairstyle but don't try to flatten them with a flattening iron afterwards. That will cause damage and tangles as well. Wash you hair if you have used styling mousses or sprays.

Don't pull or twitch your hair

You may easily tear some of the hairs and their ends will look split.

Don't tease your hair quite often

No matter what the glossy magazines say teasing damages the hair anyway.



We have already considered the negative consequences of teasing the hair. When you just brush your hair as you always do that the scales of the hair become smoother and get stuck to the central part of it. That is natural or the human hair and its structure. During the process of teasing you move the brush into the opposite direction. The scales of the hair open and the hair get tangled but the tangled hair is basically the desired effect. That is why the often teasing is harmful.

Use the special balms and sprays for your hair protection and remember that the hairstyle with the teased hair shouldn't be done more often than once in a week.

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