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How to Tattoo


The images applied onto the skin of the body have never lost their popularity during the long period since the prehistoric times till the latest days. Today the tattoos of all kinds have become even more popular than in the middle of the 20th century. Everybody decorates his or her body with a tattoo. Men and women of all ages but in the most cases the young people come to the tattoo salon with their sketches of the desired tattoo style. The preparatory process includes the three main steps. That are developing the stencil or the sketch of the future tattoo, bringing the working place in order and cleaning the skin. The whole process may be split into the three large parts in its turn as well. That are the preparatory procedures, the process of applying the tattoo as well and the post traumatic rehabilitation of the skin.


You'll Need:

tattoo machine;

tattoo pigments;

skin pens;

disposable sterile needles and caps;

antiseptic solution or gel;

anesthetic gel



Think about the place for your future tattoo and develop the sketch

During the preparatory process you need to choose the idea of the future image and develop the detailed sketch. Think about the color decision. Remember that some of the colors get pale earlier and some colors stay intense for the longer time. That means that the tattoo will fade unevenly as the time goes by if no correcting procedures are made. Consider the place of your body where you wish the image to be tattooed. The mucous surfaces are the most difficult place to apply a tattoo. That's why if you wish to tattoo the inner part of your lips, you tongue or your genitals it would be better to apply for the professional tattoo service. Take into consideration the fact that tattoo will stay permanently on your body. It will stay in place for the next 10 and 20 years. That is why you should be aware that you are not making a tattoo influences by some strong emotion. In this aspect a tattoo making may be compared to the difference between love and the sudden crash. If you experience some exaltation or emotional flush while planning your tattoo you should probably wait for some time. If you think about this matter calmly and imagine it precisely go ahead.


Prepare all the necessary tools

If you ask your friend to assist you you should evaluate his or her abilities. If you hesitate about the prospective result it is better to apply to a professional.

The next stage is preparing the materials and instruments that you will need in the process of tattooing your body. The quality is the main criteria in the question of choosing the tattoo machine and the tattoo pigments. Don't forget about the disposable sterile needles and caps. It is very important to check if you are allergic to the tattoo pigment.


Think about using anesthetic

Consider the question about using the anesthetic medicines. Think if you would wish to stick to the rule that beauty requires some sacrifice. If you don't think so, purchase the anesthetic spray. Take into consideration the fact that the sprays that are effective if applied onto the mucous surface are practically useless if applied onto the outer skin layer.


Prepare the skin

Remove all the hair, dissolve the skin grease or sebum and use the antiseptic.


Apply the sketch of your tattoo on the body

You may use the special skin pens or in the case of your tattoo is too complicated use the special paper that will transmit the lines onto the skin surface.


Tattoo the sketch

Take the tattoo machine and start moving the needle along the sketch lines. Don't forget to charge the tattoo machine with the pigments beforehand.

Carry out all the necessary procedures after the tattoo is applied. Remove the drops of the blood and apply the anti-inflammation bandage.


  • Don't drink alcohol.
  • Don't reuse the needles.
  • Don't tattoo yourself without making the sketch.



Before you decide to tattoo your body at home you need to get ready for this difficult process and carry out all the necessary preparatory procedures.

Be careful with the equipment. Use the ointment to make the skin heal faster.

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