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How to Talk Like a Pirate


On the 19th of September the International Talk Like A Pirate day is celebrated all over the world. The name of this event reflects its main peculiarity. Everybody should talk like the pirates do on this day. The adventurous life enthusiasts put the large hats on and let their parrots sit on their shoulders during the whole day. They also hang the flask filled with spicy rum on their belt and imitate the actions of Jack the Sparrow performed by Johny Depp in the movie Pirates of Caribbean. The International Talk Like A Pirate Day has appeared relatively recently, a little bit more than 10 years ago to be more precise. It has been originated in the USA. The two average U. S. Citizens named John Baur and Mark Summers who were the close friends have once decided to imitate the talk of the classic pirates from the children adventure books all day long. That was the 19th of September 1995. The date has been chosen not occasionally. On the 19th of September the former wife of Mark Summers celebrates her birthday. Since that year the Talk Like A Pirate Day has been celebrated in a form of the private holiday only by Baur and Summers for some time. The situation has changed when the friends told about their tradition their acquaintance Dave Barry who works as a columnist. He liked this idea so much that he wrote an article about this odd holiday. The article has leaked to the Internet and spread all over the world. The Talk Like A Pirate Day has acquired the title International and gained a lot of fans worldwide. Today the International Talk Like A Pirate Day has turned into the real social phenomenon.


Growl as a pirate

First of all as you may have noticed earlier the real pirates growl. To growl better try to imagine yourself speaking with the deepest point of your throat. Think of bad cough. Now try to say the first word.

The most important lexical item

"Arrrrr!". This is the unique word which may denote the whole palette of the pirate feelings. If you like the breakfast your wife has made for you you may say "Arrrrrr!" in the sign of approval. If your favorite soccer team has lost growl "Arrrr!" expressing the deep regret and hope that it will win the next match. You also may approve the witty remark of your friend saying "Arrr!".


To greet your friends shout "Ahoy!" as loud as possible to make it sure they hear you properly even if the are walking along the opposite side of the street.

If you want to draw the attention of your friends to some important or spectacular moment don't touch their arm or say "Look here" in a calm voice but growl "Avast!". If your friends shout "Arrr!" you may be sure they agree with you.

Extend your lexical stock

If you want to address some women call her "Beauty" or "Me beauty". Usually the pretty girls don't pay attention on the guys who address them in the street. But if you growl "C'mere me beauty!" you will see how effective this phrase is.


  • Avoid using the boring "Yes" when you want to show that you agree with your interlocutor. "Aye!" will sound much more sincerely. If you repeat this word twice you will express that you heartily accept the opinion of your friends. Example: "Arrrrr! Grab some rum, me hearties!"- "Aye! Aye!".
  • Don't hesitate to encourage the waitress to move quicker. Just growl "Smarty, me lass!" and you will see the effect.



Enjoy the International Talk Like A Pirate Day. You may browse the Internet pages for some advanced pirate language as well. You may browse the Thematic websites to look for the original ideas for fancy costumes, party contests and pirate treats. In this article you will find the information about the way you need to talk during this holiday.

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