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How to Talk Dirty to a Guy


It is commonly believed that dirty talks are guy's prerogative, and that girl's only natural reaction to such talks is contemptuously screwing up her face and walking away. However, we don't live in Victorian era and many things have changed, including relationship patterns. If you want to wind up your sweetheart and add extra spiciness to your relationships, feel free to use the tips for talking dirty to a guy.



Start slow

The level of dirtiness is determined by the character of your relationships. You probably don't want to talk hardcore dirty to a guy you barely know (unless all you want is a one night stand), but that's something you can try if you have been together for a while and developed a certain level of trust. Obviously, your sayings that imply the admiration of his masculine power are the most effective ones. You want to start with something not really dirty. These sweet sayings are pronounced "casually" and don't imply the call for having sex. Start with something like "is it really cold here or that's because I don't wear my underwear?"


Add spiciness

If you see that your words cause positive reaction, try to say something sexier. Sexologists suggest that verbalizing your sensations is the best thing to say to a guy. "I love it when you kiss me like that", "It feels so good when you…" - such kind of phrases concentrates his attention on this topic and "tunes" him for doing things you are talking about. Thus, dirty talks are not only about his pleasure, which is nice to know.


Get dirty

The further you go the dirtier your words become. Who said that you should keep silence during the foreplay and sex? In fact, dirty phrases that you say can save you a lot of time and effort during the foreplay and boost your sensations during sex. At this point, you can go really dirty. Comment on what's happening and talk about what you want to happen, feel free to use swear words and forget about any boundaries. Try to be natural and don't forget to keep an eye for his reaction. If he grins blissfully, keep talking, but in case you see him screwing up his face or staring at you in amazement and disgust, you'd better slow down.


It's how, not what

When you talk dirty, how you talk is more important than what you say. Breathe hard, moan, sigh and scream - these sounds are more expressive than thousands of words.


Don't fake it

If your boyfriend knows you as a good and shy girl (who you actually are) and suddenly hears your calling yourself a "dirty sl*t", it would look unnatural. Even if he believes you and enjoys that new dirty you, you can't fake it all the time.

Don't start talking super dirty things right off the bat

It can scare him away. Start soft and gradually increase the angle of dirtiness until he loses his mind because of lust.

Don't try too hard

You want to sound sexy, not possessed by the devil. Nasty talks should bring pleasure to both of you, and if you concentrate on making more and more dirty phrases in your head, it would be impossible to concentrate on more important things. After all, the best dirty thing you can possibly say and that any man in this world is eager to hear is "I'm coming!" ==



A famous proverb says that talk is cheap, but this saying doesn't work when it comes to sexual relationships. In this case, naughty talk can end up with the best sexual experience in your life. Even the hottest lingerie can't make your man as horny as he would be when you talk dirty, so give it a try next time he comes home exhausted after a hard day at work.

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