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How to Take Pictures


Taking a picture sounds like such an easy thing to do. Is it, though? Anyone can take a picture, but not everyone can do it right. Here are some tips on how to take a picture when it comes to portraits and nature. Sometimes when you break rules everyone else follows you get an amazing picture - a masterpiece. It is true about portraits, as inventing something new in this area can be quite challenging. But before you start breaking the rules, you need to learn them.




Details that are supposed to draw attention should be shifted 1/3 from the edge of the shot. If it's a portrait, eyes are the most important thing, if it's a half-length portrait, or full-length portrait - eyes, face, hands, and maybe something else - an item of clothes or a piece of jewelry.



Leave some "space" for a look. If a person in the picture is looking left, in the picture you need to "shift" him right.



Choose the right background. Background should highlight face features - it shouldn't distort them or distract from them. Choose neutral colors, if there are objects on the background, they shouldn't be too close. If the picture is taken inside, background should be sole-colored.



Avoid contrast shadows. Mind the lighting. Use diffused or indirect light. If you are taking pictures outside, do it in the morning, evening or when it's cloudy. If you have problems with lighting, use a flash. Don't mix light-emission devices. Shades may differ.



Learn how to use your camera right, always read the manual before you start working with a new device. Learn how to use a digital single-lens reflex camera.

Helpful tips

  • Arms and hands can be close to the body, not too close though, otherwise, a person in the picture will look tense.
  • Watch a person you photograph, find the most attractive feature and try to bring it out. Look carefully, what is so beautiful or / and unusual about this person?
  • Work with positions, hands, arms and motions.
  • Is there a feature that can help this person's friends recognize him/her even if they can't see anything else?
  • If a person looks left it may be interpreted as sadness, but if they are looking right - it is considered to be the confident look in the future; looking right and down - pessimistic, looking up and right - optimistic.


Don't distort the proportions

If it's a face portrait, camera should be leveled with eyes of the person you photograph. If it's a half-length portrait - it should be a little lower - chin or lips. For a full-length portrait - chest.

Don't tell when

You don't need to tell a person every time you take a picture, let them move, you may even talk to them while you take pictures, this way pictures will come out more natural.

No turning back

When you take a picture, don't make a person look back - this way neck won't look pretty in the picture, and the person will look tense. A person can look around just a little, but make sure hair / collar hides the neck.



If photography is your passion - learn to do it right. These are just general instructions for amateurs, if you want to be a professional photographer, consider talking a course, as no matter how much you practice: your experience won't mean a lot if you don't have professional education.

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