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How to Take Care of a Tattoo


Getting a tattoo is an important decision. Some believe that getting a tattoo is scarring yourself for life, some believe it is a kind of art and others just find it cool.

If you made up your mind to get a tattoo then you should know how to take care of it. For the tattoo to last and be bright you have to be careful and pay more attention to it. You have to take care of your skin after you get a tattoo and before you get it, too. Only in this case it will keep the right shape and color.


If you are getting a tattoo in a salon, they will tell you how to take care of a fresh tattoo. If they don't, then you are definitely going to need some advice. The future condition of your tattoo depends on how you take care of it during the first couple of days.


Bandage or plastic wrap

After a tattoo artist makes a tattoo, he should use a special bandage or a plastic wrap that shouldn't be taken off for another 3 - 12 hours (depending on his recommendations).



After you take off the bandage, wash the tattoo with warm water and soap, but don't wipe it with a towel, let it dry. When it dries off, apply anti-infective ointment. Apply healing cream for sensitive skin twice a day or according to what it says in the instruction given by the manufacturer. For example, opt for H2Ocean Ocean Care Tattoo Aftercare, Tattoo Goo - The Original Aftercare Salve, Aquaphor Healing Ointment.


Sore and after healing care

It usually takes 10 days for a tattoo to heal. First the sore will come off, then comes exfoliation. In 10 days after the tattoo is ready you can apply usual creams to your skin and go back to your everyday routine, use a sponge, skin scrubs, etc.

If you take good care of your tattoo during the first 10 days, it will look pretty great for a long time.


Care of colors and shape

In a while you are going to have to take care of its color so it doesn't fade.

The shape of the tattoo is going to be better if you get it on a spot where skin is elastic enough: shoulder blade or an ankle.

If you get a tattoo on a spot where skin can age quickly, then you have to take good care of your skin for the rest of your life. You are going to go in for sport in order to prevent cellulite and other unpleasant changes.

If your tattoo is blue, black, brown or red, it will not fade for a long time. Other colors (like pink, yellow, orange, light blue, white) fade very fast. Color preservation also depends on the speed of skin regeneration. To make sure it will not make your tattoo look worse, you can apply sandthorn oil / olive oil to the tattoo area on daily basis.

Consume more vitamin E and synthesised vitamins. So when you wash or clean something, wear gloves, protect your skin.

Always wear sunscreen as sunlight and ultraviolet is the main reason why tattoo inks fade so don't neglect protecting your skin with tattoo from direct sunlight. SPF factors starting from 50+ would be sufficient enough for ink protection


  • Before you shower, apply oily cream to the tattoo to protect it from overmoisture.
  • Before it heals you can't bathe in the sun. Apply creams with high SPF factor (50+) to your tattoo before and after it completely heals. You can also search for special tattoo sticks that are creams with high SPF factor in rather firm form which provides their simple usage.
  • Don't apply alcohol to your skin.
  • Don't touch your new tattoo with your hands.
  • Don't scratch it, no matter how itchy it is.
  • Don't remove the sore.
  • Don't go to a swimming pool, sauna.
  • Don't get into hot tub.



If you get skin inflammation, talk to your tattoo artist and ask him what you should do. When colors fade you can go to any tattoo salon to correct your tattoo. Usually it takes once in a couple of years. The younger the skin is - the faster skin regenerates so when you age, renewing a tattoo can be done once in several years. And always use SPF 50+ when you expose tattoo to sun, ultraviolet makes it fade faster.

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