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How to Sync Contacts from Iphone


If you change your gadgets from time to time, the problem of syncing contacts is doubtlessly familiar to you. Actually a lot of people do that when they have 2 phones in case one of them is dead - there is always another one. Or simply when you have a new phone and you need to have all the contacts you have on it. No one wants to waste hours on manual copying all your contacts to your new device, but the good news is you donít have to! There are several simple ways to sync your contacts from iPhone to any other device without paying money for apps. This article will show you how.


iPhone to Android

  • The easiest way to go is using iPhone Contacts app. All you need to do is go to the Contacts page and share the contacts one by one via email or message. However, this method is not good enough in case you have hundreds of contacts to transfer.
  • Go to iTunes, connect your iPhone to computer, select the device and sync contacts with Google contacts. Type in your Google ID and password and click Apply. Once all your iPhone contacts are synced to your Google account, sync your Google account with your Android device. To do that, just log in to your Google account on your Android phone.
  • Finally, you can go to http://www.icloud.com and log in to your iCloud account. Click on Contacts, select the desired contacts, go to the Settings menu and select the Export vCard option. Save the file and import it to your Google contacts.

iPhone to Mac

Open up your iTunes, go to the upper right corner and click iTunes - Preferences. Go to the Devices tab and check the box to prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically. Plug in your iPhone to the computer and select the device at the left side of the screen. Then, hit the Info tab at the menu and check the Sync Address Book Contacts tab. Choose the All Contacts option and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Make sure nothing is selected in the Advanced section and click Sync. In the popped up window, select Merge Info.

  • Donít download unreliable software for transferring data from your iPhone. There are many programs that will do the trick, but some of them will do you more harm than good. Always download tried-and-true software.
  • Donít forget to sync your phone from time to time to keep a backup version of your data in case of emergency.



The worst thing about changing your phone is losing data that youíve been accumulating on your old phone for quite a while. Your contacts are the first thing youíll need when switch to a new device, and this article can help you sync them from your old iPhone and stay connected with everyone whoís important for you.

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