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How to Swim Faster


Everyone enjoys swimming in the warm sea as there is nothing better than relaxing in a crystal water on a hot day. However some people find it quite difficult to swim fast. Swimming is not only the good way to relax but also the real opportunity to strengthen our heart muscle, get rid of that annoying orange peel on your hips, train your muscles and boost up your metabolism. Of course the technique of swimming is easier grasped by the children. But you still are able to improve your skills and start swimming faster if you follow the advice below.


Pay attention to the proper swimming technique

That may sound quite surprising but to learn how to swim faster you will need to learn how to swim slowly. Though it seems to be illogical it is the only right way to improve the speed or your swimming. In fact it is one of the most complicated things which you will have to cope with. Many swimming coaches complain that they do their best but their clients still keep racing neglecting the movements quality. It is a usual thing that the people wonder why do they have to swim slower when they need to increase their speed.

Slow swimming technique

The good exercise that will help you to improve the technique of your swimming is to imagine you are moving like in a slow motion mode. Make each movement properly paying attention to the work of your muscles but move slowly. You will see that it is much more difficult that to move faster. That is the reason many people try to swim faster. They countervail their poor quality of swimming by the speed. But they get extremely tired after they swim 300 ft. To understand how this method works imagine yourself learning how to tie your shoe laces watching the other person who is doing this quickly. If you don't know how to do that you won't be able to understand the principle at the first sight. But if someone shows you how to make the loops and cross them slowly you will grasp the idea easily. As soon as your muscles remember the movements you will be able to tie your shoe laces in a second.

Get the proper equipment

Purchase the quality swimming suit which is made of the special cloth that provides less tension. The modern synthetic fabrics are so smooth that they make it easier to swim wearing them rather than swimming naked.

Get rid of the fat. If you grow muscles you will have more power to make the stronger movements. You need to replace the fat with the muscles. You are likely to gain weight but take into consideration that muscles are heavier than fat. You will be able to push your own body through the water mass stronger if you grow muscles.

Improve your stamina

Train not only your speed but also your stamina. If you swim four times a week you need to devote two trainings to developing your stamina.

Strengthen your arms. In that way you will be able to make the harder stroke and push your body through the water mass easier.


  • Don't mix up fat and muscles. If you lose weight you may still be fat. Usually the ones who have lost fat and gained muscles begin to weigh more.
  • Don't neglect the regular training session. You need to stay in the good physical form to swim fast.
  • Don't try to gain the speed at the very beginning of your practice. At first you need to master the right technique of swimming.



Take into consideration that the basic techniques are first thing to practice if you want to swim faster. The better you know how to make this or that movement the easier you will make the progress. If your movements are confident you will easier grasp the other aspects of the technique. Keep on training and don't give up if you face any difficulties!

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