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How to Swaddle a Baby


Many moms focus on what to expect when you are expecting stuff and don't read much about what to do when the baby comes. Actually, there is nothing difficult except that you need to do all this stuff over and over again, it sure takes much time. Swaddling a baby is rather easy if it's not crying and jerking its little arms and legs. There are several a few ways to swaddle a baby, and we cover two of them in this article. Keep reading for detailed instructions.


Method 1

  • Take a draw sheet and place it so it's shaped as a rhombus.
  • Take a smaller sheet (that is going to serve you as a diaper), fold it so it resembles a triangle and put it upside down.
  • Put the baby so its tush is placed on the triangle, fold the lower triangle corner and place it between baby's legs. Fold the other two corners so they are on its belly. You will get something that resembles little panties. In case if your baby does number two (just a little) you can simply change it without changing the whole sheet.
  • Then goes the bigger sheet the baby is lying on. Fold in the upper rhombus corner - it is going to be a "collar" of the baby "cocoon". Then fold the left corner so the sheet covers baby's belly and the corner itself goes behind its back. Make sure baby's arms are down.
  • Do the same thing with the right sheet corner.
  • After you do that, you'll see that there is the rest of the sheet (with two corners) that needs to be folded too. Fold it up, and wrap the corners around the baby.

Method 2

  • The first four steps are identical to those of the method # 1.
  • Take the lower sheet corner and place it behind baby's right shoulder (the bare one).
  • Only after that - take the last sheet corner and span it to the other side, fold it so it's behind baby's back.

You can try your on ways, but remember: you need to swaddle a baby tight, because if your baby gets a hand out, it can get a finger into its eye, or accidentally scratch its own face. As you know, babies' motility isn't developed yet and their movements are often erratic.


  • Don't swaddle a baby too tight though - it can hurt him / her or make legs and arms get numb.
  • Don't forget that babies should move. You can make some very simple little exercises by bending its knees, like if it was running, and etc.
  • Don't use diapers too often. The longer you use them, the harder potty training is going to be on you. Some children whose parents made them wear diapers for too long suffer from involuntary urination. When panties are wet, a child doesn't like it, this is why potty training goes well. You can start potty training when your child is able to sit.



Follow these simple instructions and you won't have any trouble swaddling your baby. Remember that you should swaddle baby tight but not too tight. When you watch your child, there is no need to swaddle it. Enjoy your repenting experience!

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