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How to Survive in the Wilderness


On 12th of December of 2012 is was predicted that the collapse of the planet would happen and our world would go through horrible changes and we will have to face horrible uncivilized conditions. It didn't happen during that day but who know whether our planet might be at risk of going through a collapse of civilization.

Having basic knowledge of how to survive in the wilderness might turn out to be very helpful, as you will be mentally ready for the worst outcome. Skills of surviving without electricity, shelter and other modern conveniences can one day save your life and even lives of those who will be next to you. Read and remember this situation just in case in order to protect yourself in an emergency situation.


If you want to survive in the wilderness, you need not only to pay attention on a sole goal, you need to constantly have under control several most important and vital factors at once.

Protect yourself from wild animals and insects

Wild animals are most likely to attack a human if they are scared or if they are wounded. If you see wild animals, make sure you are not getting close to them, avoid direct contacts with them. If it didn't work out and an animals is still going to attack you, use fire or loud noises to scare them away.

If you are in a forest, be aware of poisonous snakes, before stepping somewhere clean the surface from fallen leaves or plants. Be extra careful at opened sunny surfaces (snakes like to be under the sun), next to fallen trees and other secluded places.

Water supplies

Water is the main condition you survive in the wilderness, if you don't drink you'll pass away in a couple of days. Try to find springs with clean water. Rocky surfaces with grass periodically growing - that's where you should look for a spring. Also you can collect rain water or melt snow if you are able to find it. If you are at a desert, look for any plants and dig into depth until you find water next to the plants.


Fire is your perfect helper in food cooking, for boiling and distilling water and for warming you up during the night. If you have a lighter or matches that won't be a problem for you at all, just keep an eye on your matches so they don't get wet. What concerns fireplace, pick a place that's dry and protected from wind but is not next to dry grass or trees (so you won't be trapped in a fire circle).

If you don't have no matches and no lighter, then stir a steel wire over a piece of wood, the faster you do it, the higher the chances that you'll get fire. Be very persistent, you need to do it really fast to succeed.

Food supplies

To survive and avoid death you need to eat once a day, the food should be warm and you need to chew it really carefully. Total starvation will let you to survive up to a month under at a condition that you are not doing anything actively.

Start finding plants and roots that are good for eating, watch what animals and birds eat and follow their examples. Before eating a handful of unknown berries, first eat 1 or 2 to make sure they are not poisonous. If after 4 hours you don't feel noxious and feel fine - they are acceptable for eating.

If you have an access to water - make fish nets from threads of your clothes and try to catch it. You can also try to use thin plant stems as spears.

Dig deep pits and try top hide them with leaves or trees brunches to catch animals there.

Shelter from weather conditions

Shelter should protect a person from harsh weather conditions, winds, rains. While choosing a place fr a shelter think about those factors that we were talking before. Make sure it's protected from weather conditions, wild animals, snakes, insects, it's close to fresh water and you can even light and maintain a fire. You can use big tree branches, tree bark, rocks, fallen trees to make somewhat like a hut. Experiment and use whatever you have at your service.


Never touch baby animals

This is the worst strategy that'll make them attack you in 100 % of cases in order to protect theirs babies.

Don't panic if you are trapped in wilderness

Losing composure can cost you health and even life.



Having basic skills of surviving in wilderness can help you out if urgent situation happen all of a sudden in your life. Don't lose patience, always think positive, do all your best and don't give up no matter what.

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