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How to Survive a Winter Storm


When the cold winter with storms and frost comes make sure you have prepared to meet it properly. You should have the necessary amount of the warm things in your house such as duvets, sleeping bags, sweaters and pants. It is also necessary to have the stock of food, drinking water, some table games, candles, batteries of all kinds and radios. It is recommended to buy all that stuff in advance. If you have a laptop you will be able to trace the weather reports while the battery lets you do that. However in the case of electricity supply shortage you won't be able to charge it.

You should also make sure that you have all the necessary things in your car. Try to protect the food and water. It will cost you much to restore your water and food stock if it is possible at all. The food and water become more valuable than money in the extreme conditions.


Let us consider the problem of surviving the winter storm by viewing it from the two different points of view. There may be two general situations when the people got caught in the snow storm basically. The most dangerous case is to be caught in the snow storm in some open space like wood or field. What could one do in that circumstances?

Keep on moving

It is important to support the constant body temperature by the steady and constant moving. Along with that do your best not to let yourself sweat. If you just sit down and wait for the storm to end you may die of hypothermia.

Hide from snow

If you have noticed some woods, grove or just the accumulation of some trees start moving towards it. If you stay in some open space you may get buried in the snow. In the woods you may hide from snow without applying much effort. Just take the position under the bushes or the thick tree branches. It is important to stay in the side opposite for the one from where the show comes.

Build a lair

If you have found yourself in the open space try to gather the dry grass, some branches and the stems of the bushes. You should gather proper amount of that stuff to cover yourself. The next step will be to make some cavity in the snow, squat and cover yourself with that dry stuff. In that way you will build something like the lair of a bear where the temperature will be higher than outside.

Keep on going

If you can't see any tress or bushes nearby try to move in the direction where you think you could find it. If you have some snack you may eat it when you feel that you start falling asleep.

If you are at home or in a garage the situation is much more favorable for you. However you should also take all the necessary measures to survive.

Spare the battery charge

First of all remember that the electricity supply may be stopped in any moment. That is why it is necessary to spare the charge of the batteries. If it is extremely cold outside you may take the food out and press it with something.

What to do

If you are blocked in your own house try to call somebody. Light up the candles if the electricity is run out.

To calm down your children use their favorite toys. Play the table or the word games and wait until the snow storm ends.


  • Don't burn the candles and use the batteries when not necessary. Spare the resources.
  • Don't panic. Try to make some signals to be found and helped.
  • Don't sleep alone. If you sleep together with the other people in your house you will warm your body sooner.



Take into consideration that if you live in the climate zone where the snow storms are not the rare phenomenon you should make the necessary stock for that case. It is also a good idea to keep some cash in your house in the case the ATM is located far from your house. Avoid leaving your house before the snow storm ends.

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