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How to Survive a Shark Attack


If you live near the sea or just have a slight phobia that makes you google "how to survive a shark attack", then this article is for you. There are not so many tricks and all of them are pretty simple, helpful and easy to remember. This article contains information on how to survive a shark attack and what you have to remember in order to survive or avoid it.



When you see a shark

First of all, if you see a shark - don't panic. This is a common rule for all the dangerous situations in the world. Fear is what can get you killed, because fear doesn't let you think rationally. When you see a large predator, you need to stay calm. When a predator sees you run away, it starts chasing you - it is an instinct. If you stay calm when you see a shark, it may go away. But it doesn't mean it can't come back! Keep an eye on it so it doesn't catch you off guard. Swimming away will not help. Not only will you make it want to chase you, you will not get a chance to escape - shark is faster than you. If you have something to hold on to, use it (otherwise you will have to move your arms to float). If it looks like a shark is about to attack, get into defensive position, be ready fight.


When a shark approaches or attacks you

You need to remember three places you can kick a shark in to hurt it. Kicking its back will not help. These three areas are: snout, gills and eyes (works for crocodiles, too). Since you probably won't reach for the gills, you will have to go for its eyes. Kick it with your feet or knees, you can use your elbows and fists, too. Hit it as bad as you can, no matter how much a shark hurts you, you must gather as much strength as possible to kick it - your life depends on that.


When you get away

If you need someone to pick you up, and you see a boat, scream in a loud, yet calm voice that shouldn't be hysterical, and if you have to swim, swim fast. If you are near the shore, head for it. If you are bleeding, try to cover the wound (if possible) so shark doesn't get crazy when it tastes the blood in the water.


To avoid a shark's attack, you absolutely have to follow these rules:

  • If you have to swim, don't splash, move your arms and legs under the water, your movements have to be firm but smooth otherwise you can attract shark's attention.
  • Don't move too erratic in the water, avoid looking like a potential pray.
  • Don't wear shiny objects and bright swimming suits.
  • Don't give up, keep beating a shark if it attacks you, a shark can think you just don't worth it and it will leave you alone.
  • Don't swim at dawn, night or dusk. Swim as close to the shore as possible.



You have to remember: no erratic movements and bright objects; shark's vulnerable areas: snout, eyes and gills (try going for eyes and gills first); keep calm; don't swim too far from the shore and swim only at daytime. Chose a safe beach, always try to find out whether or not someone has ever been attacked by a shark in these waters. Humans aren't what sharks usually eat, and all you have to do to be safe is follow the guidelines above. Take care!

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