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How to Style Short Hair


Long hair styles are simple - you don't have to spend a lot of time shaping it: unfastened hair looks nice, and a little curling can make it charming. But shaping short hair can be very challenging - if you do nothing, it looks messy, unattractive and even untidy. But styling your hair at home can be easy if you know little tricks and have all the necessary hair products.


You may need:

  • mousse / hair setting gel / wax / foam;
  • hair setting spray;
  • a round brush;
  • a hair dryer;
  • curling iron;
  • hair rollers;
  • bobby pins.



Wash your hair and let it dry a little bit. Squeeze out the egg size portion of hair shaping mousse and apply it to moist hair. Then blow dry hair on low, lightly crumple it with your hands. You will get a classy hairstyle - your hair is going to be a nice and wavy. We'd call is "beachy waves for short hair".


This will take only a couple of minutes. Wash your hair and let it dry. Start shaping it when it's just a little moist. Get some wax or hair sitting gel on your hands and tumble your hair. Work against hair growth. You will get a sort of naughty "hedgehog" hair style.


As always, wash your hair before styling it. Apply foam, use a hair dryer and a hair brush to lay your hair the way you like. In the picture you see hair laid sideways, feel free to make something like that with your hair. You'll need to use a lot of foam or wax and a good hair setting spray to make sure your hairdo stays that way.

Side parting

Wash your hair and divide it into two uneven sections using a comb. Blow dry it on low and apply some foam or hair setting gel to the tips. Preheat the curling iron and curl tips. For curls to look neat, make sure you curl them in small sections. Fixate the hairdo with a spray.

Teasing and curling

Wash your hair and dry it. Add some foam or mousse and then tease it at the top of the head. Make sure your hair doesn't look untidy after you finish teasing. Shape the hair tips. Add some more mousse and curl them inwards or outwards.


  • Don't get upset if you can't create a nice hair style right away - it may take some practice.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment - be creative!



If you are going to a party, you should have extra couple of hours to experiment. If something goes wrong - you can just wash your hair and make other hairdo. Try to create something new when you have no place you need to be, so you can stay home and practice.

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