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How to Style Medium Length Hair


Medium length is the most popular hair length. Hair that only touches shoulders with its ends is always gorgeous. It isn't difficult to groom such hair at all. Moreover such hair length leaves you unlimited possibility to wear a lot of various hairstyles.

Hair of medium length are popular among the women of all ages. In fact short hair require even more efforts and time than the shoulder-length one. What is also important those who wear their hair no longer than blade bones waste less shampoo and conditioner. In case you have long hair you will require at least twice more shampoo to wash it properly.

Consider the following hairstyles and bring some diversity to your everyday look.



Ponytail is probably the best hairstyle ever. But many women suppose it looks dull. There are a lot f ways to make your ponytail look beautiful and even chic. Here are some tips that will help you to look gorgeous wearing a simple ponytail.

  • The easiest way to add some style to a plain ponytail is to wrap the thin lock around the headband. Make a plain ponytail. Use hair band of the color similar to the current color of your hair. Separate one lock from the rest end and comb it. Twist it around the hair band in order to cover it. Tug its short end under the ponytail. Spread the twisted hair to hide the hair band.
  • Tease your hair to make your ponytail look fabulous. Divide your hair into three equal parts along your head. Tease the central part. The side parts should be smooth and shiny. Make the ponytail. Use hair gel to smooth out the side parts. Cover the hair band with some artificial flower use use the method described above.

Buns and twists

  • Low messy bun may be a great hairstyle for some special occasion. Wearing it you won't have any doubt that you look too deliberate. It is very easy to make it. Make a low pony tail. Separate some hair. Using basic mass of your hair make a loose bun. Fix it in place using hair pins. Now cover it with the fee hair. Fix it in place disorderly with the help of bobby pins. Spay your hairstyle with fixation fluid.
  • French hair twist is the classic hairstyle. You will need an alligator hair clips. Hold your hair as if you were going to make a ponytail. Now start twisting it. Make a hair roll. Attach the hair roll to the back of your head. Insert an alligator hair clip vertically to fix the hair roll in place. Cover the clip with hair. You may add some accessories to this hairstyle.

French braid

French braid is the classics that will never become old-fashioned. However the end of your hair 2 inches long won't look beautiful. There is the way to improve the look of French braid on medium-length hair. You need to kilt the free end under the base of your French braid. Use bobby pins to fix it in place. Decorate the hair style with a flower.


  • Don't forget that the main thing is to keep your hair clean and groomed.
  • Don't use too much hair spray.
  • Don't try to make your hair style perfect. Looking deliberate was trendy in 1920s.



You may try to make these simple but elegant hairstyles by yourself. If you find it difficult apply for assistance. Besides that you may ask your hairdresser to show you some simple and chic hairstyles that you could make by yourself.

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